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Simple PowerShell module to use API
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Simple PowerShell module to use API provides data about IP address space and publicly available information in just one place.

Some of the APIs required an API key. To request it :

More info about available APIs :

(c) 2018-2019 Distributed under Artistic Licence 2.0 (

Notes version (0.98) :

  • fix paging regex to support more than 1000 pages

Notes version (0.97) :

  • code improvement
  • add beta switch to use beta interface of onyphe instead of production one
  • improve paging parameters
  • add advancedfilter option to Search-onyphe to manage multiple filter functions input
  • add onionshot category to datashot export function

Notes version (0.96) :

  • add new filtering function for search request
  • add Get-OnypheSearchFunctions function
  • update Invoke-APIOnypheSearch and Search-OnypheInfo functions
  • replace SimpleSearchfilter parameter with SimpleSearchfilter
  • replace SimpleSearchValue parameter with SearchValue
  • add FunctionFilter and FunctionValue parameters
  • update Get-OnypheInfoFromCSV to manage new filter function in search request
  • add new alias Get-OnypheInfoFromCSV

Notes version (0.95) :

  • fix HTTP error on invoke-onyphe when no network is available
  • add datashot management
  • add function to export datashot to picture file
  • fix Get-OnypheInfoFromCSV
  • update Export-OnypheInfoToFile

Notes version (0.94) :

  • manage new apis (ctl, sniffer, onionscan, md5)
  • use userinfos API to collect APIs and search filters
  • rewrite get-onyphe info function to simplify the code
  • update invoke-apionyphedatascan with only a single parameter

Notes version (0.93)

  • add statistics function

Notes version (0.92)

  • add tag filter
  • manage new search APIs
  • code refactoring
  • fix file export for new categories and properties
  • manage proxy connection
  • manage API key storage with encryption in a config file
  • add paging feature on search and info functions


a new how-to is now available here :

install use-onyphe from PowerShell Gallery repository

You can easily install it from powershell gallery repository using a simple powershell command and an internet access :-)

	Install-Module -Name Use-Onyphe

import module from PowerShell

	commandline interface to use web service

	use-onyphe.psm1 module provides a commandline interface to web service.
	C:\PS> import-module use-onyphe.psm1

module content

documentation in markdown available here :


  • Export-OnypheInfoToFile
  • Export-OnypheDataShot
  • Get-OnypheAPIName
  • Get-OnypheCliFacets
  • Get-OnypheInfo
  • Get-OnypheInfoFromCSV
  • Get-OnypheSearchCategories
  • Get-OnypheSearchFilters
  • Get-OnypheStatsFromObject
  • Get-OnypheUserInfo
  • Get-ScriptDirectory
  • Import-OnypheEncryptedIKey
  • Invoke-APIOnypheCtl
  • Invoke-APIOnypheDataScan
  • Invoke-APIOnypheForward
  • Invoke-APIOnypheGeoloc
  • Invoke-APIOnypheInetnum
  • Invoke-APIOnypheIP
  • Invoke-APIOnypheMD5
  • Invoke-APIOnypheMyIP
  • Invoke-APIOnypheOnionScan
  • Invoke-APIOnyphePastries
  • Invoke-APIOnypheReverse
  • Invoke-APIOnypheSearch
  • Invoke-APIOnypheSniffer
  • Invoke-APIOnypheSynScan
  • Invoke-APIOnypheThreatlist
  • Invoke-APIOnypheUser
  • Invoke-Onyphe
  • Search-OnypheInfo
  • Set-OnypheAPIKey
  • Set-OnypheProxy
  • Update-OnypheFacetsFilters


  • Get-Onyphe
  • Get-OnypheFromCSV
  • Search-Onyphe
  • Update-OnypheLocalData
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