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arberg commented Feb 13, 2019

System Details

  • posh-git version/path: C:\Tools\poshgit\dahlbyk-posh-git-9bda399\src
  • PowerShell version: 5.1.17134.407
  • git version
  • OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0

Issue Description

I was developing our a powershell script for some simple custom management of our git-submobules, with nice overview status of the state of each submodule, and

vexx32 commented Oct 17, 2019

Describe "Functionality"

We have a decent number of tidbits of wisdom and zen koan references that surface from Show-Karma via Show-MeditationPrompt. I think we can always use more!

Little bits and pieces of wisdom, proverbs, etc., pretty much anything positive or that really makes you think is fair game. If you're unsure, you can add proposals to this issue if you'd like me to check

brianbunke commented Jul 24, 2017

-First is available on all 2.0 Get-* commands, but hasn't been implemented yet.

Expected Behavior

-First does something

Current Behavior

-First does nothing 😆
Get-ConfluenceSpace | Select -First 1 still works as expected.

Possible Solution

Comment it out in the 2.0 release, so that we have a head start for future implementation, while ensuring that we're not co

PlagueHO commented Jun 26, 2019

The functions that require a database to be provided should return a clear error condition if the Database is not provided in either the Context or the Database parameter. Currently if this condition occurs the request is still made, but results in an invalid URL.

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