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marshmallowrobot commented Nov 10, 2020


Dependabot has identified several security vulnerabilities in the 3rd party libraries Pacbot relies on. In most cases, these vulnerabilities can be resolved by upgrading the library to the most current version.

Maintainers, if you're internal to T-Mobile, you should have been seeing these security alerts coming in over the last several weeks. *Please respond to these in a timely ma

m-1-k-3 commented Nov 5, 2021

We have started to include license details in our version identifier configuration here:

This is in a very early stage and need your help. If you know the license of some of the software components please include it directly in the configuration and bring up a pull request or comment to this issue with the license and th

stevespringett commented Nov 18, 2020

The current swagger definition is autogenerated. The automatically generated definitions rely on reflection and annotations to create the documentation. The reflection capabilities are poor at best and lead to missing API parameters. Annotations can help in some cases, but the only fix for Swagger is to create individual POJOs for every possible request. This will lead to unnecessary large number

aarontp commented Dec 13, 2018

Right now a lot of the logging from the tasks does not get propagated back to the user, so we should make sure that all of the tasks are adding logs and errors to the results so that at minimum the data gets put into the worker-log.txt. Ideally we would store this info in datastore so that the clients could query it later (this part is in #115).

antonmalae commented Nov 15, 2018

I think that you are doing a very necessary system and your idea is cool, but at the moment it has a lot of bugs. From what I noticed, the assets do not understand the ascii characters and the system crashes. In addition, I did not find a description of the API, I would like to integrate your system into TheHive, or rather make it possible to view information about an asset in TheHive. I believe t

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