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Welcome to the Workshop-2015-Boise wiki!

This page is dedicated to the Macaulay2 workshop at Boise State University -- Boise, Idaho, May 27-30, 2015.

Group Photo

  • front row: Julio Urenda, Cesar Lozano Huerta, Branden Stone, Gwyneth Whieldon
  • second row: Erin Bela, Nicolette Meshkat, Eliana Duarte, Benjamin Reames, Jan Verschelde, Brett Barwick, Zach Teitler
  • third row: Daniel Hernandez, Emily Witt, David Bruce, Taylor Brysiewicz, Nathan Grieve, Brent Holmes, Suprajo Das, David Swinarski, Anna Kazanova, Mike Stillman, Michael Dipasquale, Dan Grayson
  • fourth and fifth rows: Zhibek Kadyrsizova, Jeff Sommars, Nathan Bliss, Corey Harris, Nathan Fieldsteel, Roberto Barrera, Daniel Bernstein, Robert Krone, Robert Williams, Robert Walker, Ata Firat Pir, Svenja Huntemann
  • (Not pictured: Hiro Abo, Jeff Poskin)
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