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Configuration guide:

Things you can enjoy


  • Mine for some resources using ~>mine
  • Try to catch a Shark! ~>fish
  • Try your luck at the local casino with ~>gamble and ~>slots
  • Enjoy an detailed casting (crafting) system
  • Enjoy a more competitive experience using seasonal currency! ~>season
  • Much more to explore and to come!


  • Complete "Guess that pokemon!" game, with all generations and evolutions! ~>game pokemon
  • Addicting Trivia game with many categories! ~>trivia
  • Guess that anime character with ~>game character
  • Feeling lucky? Try guessing a number Mantaro thinks of! ~>game number


  • Want to hug your friends? Sure can just use ~>hug
  • Want to slab that annoying kid? (Please don't) ~>slab
  • And there is way more, all with images to go along with them!


  • Server Logs
  • Muting
  • Banning
  • Kicking
  • Prune messages
  • Much more...


  • Customizable prefix! Use ~>opts prefix set with your prefix (example ~>opts prefix set ! to set another prefix!
  • Enjoy over 60 Options to change to your liking!
  • Options include but are not limited to a birthday announcer, server logs, music announcements and much more


  • 99.9% uptime and amazing and friendly support! (Support server:
  • A constantly update and improved experience
  • A big music system for your server!
  • Check osu! stats of any player using ~>osustats!
  • Check the Weather from everywhere with the ~>weather command.
  • Check anime information with ~>anime.
  • Create complex custom commands using two custom command system!
  • Way way more to enjoy than we can possibly list here!

Invite Mantaro to your own server now!:

Some of Mantaro's commands include (but are not limited to)

  • Action Commands (bite, bloodsuck, cuddle, facedesk, greet, highfive, hug, kiss, lewd, meow, nom, nuzzle, pat, poke, pout, slap, smile, stare, teehee, tickle, tsundere): Add anime GIF actions to your conversation and make them funnier!
  • Music Commands (play, queue, np, skip, shuffle, repeat, volume, removetracforceplay, forceskip, move, np, pause, play, queue, removetrack, repeat, restartsong, rewind, shuffle, skip, skipahead, stop, volume): First class music with no delay or loss!
  • Custom Commands (custom): Use your creativity to the limit!
  • Anime Commands (anime, character): Find information about your favorite animes and characters.
  • Currency Commands (badges, balance, daily, gamble, inventory, itemtransfer, leaderboard, loot, market, mine, opencrate, profile, rep, slots, transfer): A simulated currency system in Mantaro. Be one of the richest people in the global position and enjoy mining, looting and achievements!
  • Other Commands :
    8ball, game, trivia, about, avatar, ban, remindme, birthday, dice, dictionary, guildinfo, help, kick, konachan, math, misc
    opts, osustats, ping, iam, iamnot, prune, coinflip, choose, quote, randomfact, stats
    time, translate, urban, userinfo, weather, yandere, danbooru, rule34, mute, unmute, dictionary
  • With many more to discover!
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