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MarkEdit is a free and open-source Markdown editor, for macOS. It's just like TextEdit on Mac but dedicated to Markdown.


Get MarkEdit.dmg from the latest release, open it and drag to Applications.

Install MarkEdit

MarkEdit checks for updates automatically, you can also check manually via the main MarkEdit menu, or browse version history here.

If you prefer a Homebrew installation, run brew install markedit in your terminal and you're all set.

We used to publish MarkEdit to the Mac App Store, but no longer. Don't worry about the security, releases are signed with a certificate from an identified developer and notarized.

Platform Compatibility

To be focused, we only support the latest two major macOS releases. For now, they are macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma.

Last-compatible version tags: macos-12.


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Screenshots 02

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What make MarkEdit different

  • Privacy focused: doesn't collect any user data
  • Native: clean and intuitive, feels right at home on Mac
  • Fast: edits 10 MB files easily
  • Lightweight: installer size is about 3 MB
  • Extensible: seamless Shortcuts integration

To learn more, refer to Philosophy and Why MarkEdit.

Why is MarkEdit Free

MarkEdit is completely free and open source, with no advertising or promotions for other services. We make it mostly because we need it, and we ship it just in case you need it too.

Please consider starring or contributing to this project.

Using MarkEdit

Please refer to the wiki page for details.


Please refer to the wiki page for details.

Contributing to MarkEdit

For bug reports, please open an issue.

For code changes, bug fixes are generally welcomed, feel free to open pull requests. However, we hesitate to add new features (why), please fork the repository and make your own.

For localization, please also open an issue as mentioned above first.

Thanks in advance.


MarkEdit is built on top of the awesome CodeMirror 6 project.

MarkEdit uses ts-gyb to generate lots of boilerplate code.