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This project is a stand-alone version of the DB2 -> CSV export functionality.


.NET 7.0

The .NET 7.0 runtime is required to run this application, it can be downloaded here.


While definitions are included in releases, these are likely to be outdated when exporting DB2s from a more recent version of WoW. Hopefully up-to-date definitions can be found on here (to download, click Code -> Download ZIP), to update definitions overwrite the definitions folder with the definitions folder from the downloaded version of the WoWDBDefs repo.


The latest version can be downloaded here.

Supported files


This tool does not download or extract DB2 files for you. This needs to be done through a different application such as (while available), CASCExplorer or wow.export (DB2s aren't listed in wow.export by default, for that go to the menu on the top right and click "Browse Raw Client files").

Only files versioned WDB5+ (~Legion) and up will work.

Hotfixes (DBCache.bin)

Hotfix files can be optionally supplied to the application as well, but please make sure these are from the same (or a compatible) build of the game as the DB2s you are giving to the application, there might be crashes/malformed output otherwise. DBCache.bin can be found in your WoW directory (e.g. _retail_/Cache/ADB/enUS).


Exported CSV files will be placed in the same directory as the DBC/DB2 file, but with a .csv extension instead.

Drag and drop

Drop one or multiple .dbc or .db2 file(s), or a folder containing .db2 files on top of the main binary (e.g. DBC2CSV.exe on Windows) to convert. Dropping a hotfix file (DBCache.bin) or a folder of hotfix files on the executable together with other arguments will also apply the hotfixes from said hotfix file(s) to exported CSVs.

Command line

Supported arguments (in any order/combination/amount):

  • A file ending in .db2
  • A file ending in .bin (see "Hotfixes" above)
  • A directory with .db2 and/or .bin files