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xaragen commented Aug 10, 2021

Working on a project I ran into the documentation for customizing the Foreign Key.
The docs read:

// For example, to use UUID as the foreign key data type instead of the default (INTEGER), you can simply do:

const { DataTypes } = require("Sequelize");

Foo.hasOne(Bar, {
  foreignKey: {
    // name: 'myFooId'
    type: D
KOLANICH commented Jan 11, 2019

Sometimes it is needed to store compressed data in the DB. Unfortunately not all the DBs have built-in compression and FUSE compressed FSes are not available for every OS. So it may make sense to store compressed binary blobs in the DB.

Unfortunately when one sees them in DBeaver he sees them compressed, but often they are needed uncompressed. So it'd be nice to have a feature to decompress the

SymmetricDS is database replication and file synchronization software that is platform independent, web enabled, and database agnostic. It is designed to make bi-directional data replication fast, easy, and resilient. It scales to a large number of nodes and works in near real-time across WAN and LAN networks.

  • Updated Jan 18, 2022
  • Java
lmsurpre commented Dec 3, 2021

Describe the bug
I noticed that the fhir-persistence-schema Main method's usage hint is missing info on the --db-type flag.


To Reproduce

  1. mvn dependency:copy -DoutputDirectory=.
  2. run an invalid command
$ java -jar fhir-persistence-schema-4.10.2-cli.jar --help                         

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