Provision Kong in Mesosphere DC/OS cluster
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KONG DCOS Deployment

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Provision Kong on Mesosphere DC/OS cluster using following steps.

Following guide use AWS for provisioning the DC/OS Cluster and assumes you have basic knowledge of DC/OS, Marathon and Marathon-lb. You can spawn Cluster on any supported Platform or on a local machine

  1. Initial setup:

    Deploy a cluster

    Follow the DC/OS AWS documentation

    Once you have cluster ready, Application can deployed using DC/OS cli or DCOS GUI.

  2. Deploy Marathon-lb

    Download or clone the repo

    $ git clone
    $ cd kong-dist-mesos

    Deploy Marathon-lb for internal and external Service discovery support

    $ dcos package install marathon-lb
    $ dcos package install --options=marathon-lb-internal.json marathon-lb
  3. Deploy Kong supported Database

    $ dcos marathon app add postgres.json
  4. Deploy Kong

    $ dcos marathon app add kong.json
  5. Using Kong:

    If you used AWS documentation to create the cluster then you have to expose Kong service ports on Public ELB to access the kong Services externally. You can also log into the Public Slave agent and curl Kong services.

    $ curl marathon-lb.marathon.mesos:10001
    $ curl marathon-lb.marathon.mesos:10002

    Quickly learn how to use Kong with the 5-minute Quickstart.

Benchmarking Kong

We prepared a simple benchmark by comparing performance of Nginx and Kong running on DC/OS cluster. We used Jmeter to genrate sample requests and collect the performace data. We ran a Kong instance with one plugin basic-auth and a Nginx instance proxying request to host Both Kong and Nginx instance assingned 1 cpu and 1 gb ram. We ran the test plan using 25 threads with 400 requests in loop.


Proxy Samples Average Min Max Std. Dev. Error % Throughput KB/sec Avg. Bytes
Nginx 10000 202 192 1000 28.34 0.00% 109.6 184.83 1727.2
Kong 10000 207 193 8574 109.46 0.00% 101.3 209.14 2113.4

Enterprise Support

Support, Demo, Training, API Certifications and Consulting available at