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The latest release of Glide brings continued support.

Consider switching to dep

Glide is used by a great number of projects and will continue to get support for some time. But, the near future is likely in dep. dep can handle importing Glide config files. Please consider trying dep on your project or converting to dep. If you encounter an issue please check if there is an existing bug report and file one if there is not.

Glide will continue to be supported for some time as there are many users who rely on it and some are not able or ready to move to dep.


  • #631: Verify version during build in automation (thanks @breerly)
  • #711: Added a commit hash example to the docs (thanks @mh-cbon)
  • #771: Handling default GOPATH for Go 1.8
  • #814: Adding install instructions for Ubuntu 17.04 (thanks @HaraldNordgren)
  • #870: Added support for s390x architecture (thanks @Nayana-ibm)


  • #582: Removed verbose flag as it was not being used (thanks @kelcecil)
  • #697: Preserve vendor/.git, if it exists. (thanks @sdboyer)
  • #686: Make ending dots in output more consistent (thanks @stevenroose)
  • #748: Updated tests to work windows and add windows CI testing
  • #717: Cache GOROOT at init time for performance (thanks @heyitsanthony)
  • #797, #821, #908: Updating to the latest version of the dependencies
  • #800: Allow VERSION of glide to be passed in with build script (thanks @BlackYoup)
  • #774: Add docs on using go get to install glide (thanks @philoserf)
  • #907: Updated Travis CI language versions of Go to test against (thanks @dvrkps)
  • #916: Update gox to version managed by Masterminds for builds


  • #736: Find home dir without using cgo (thanks @krancour)
  • #603: Fixed where, in some cases not importing dependencies config
  • #620: Fixed grammar usage on projects (thanks @server-monitor)
  • #623: Fixed typos in help and (thanks @jonboulle)
  • #628: Fixed typos (thanks @philoserf)
  • #733: Fixed documentation issues (thanks @matiasanaya)
  • #747: Fixed issue with glide home directory (thanks @agatan)
  • #759: More spelling fixes (thanks @jbirch)
  • #775: Even more doc typo fixes (thanks @cristiangreco)
  • #811: Fixed issue with windows git submodules
  • #819: Fixed more typos (thanks @zoofood)
  • #829: Fixed preservation of .git files correctly (@RaduBerinde)
  • #778: Fixed removing and moving large sets of files fails on Windows
  • #910: Fixed issue due to go/build.ImportDir change response on not found dir
  • #906: Fixed CustomRemoveAll() to handle spaces in paths, and also file not found (thanks @jpz)