Common Lisp bindings for the ncurses terminal library.
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croatoan is a set of bindings to the ncurses terminal library for
Common Lisp.

It is inspired by, but not derived from, cl-ncurses and cl-charms.

Its main goal is to provide a higher-level, lispy/CLOSy interface,
whereas the existing bindings clone the cryptic C API.

As of now, the library is in an early, but hopefully usable stage. 
Ncurses is old and huge and it will take a while to cover completely.

The API is not yet stable.

It is developed and tested on Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 and SBCL 1.4.15.

The only supported ncurses version is 6.x --with-abi-version=6.
Version 5.9 mostly works, but I will focus new efforts on 6.x.

Since many popular distributions ship ncurses --with-abi-version=5,
for full compatibility (wide characters, 256 colors and extended
mouse support), you will have to manually build ncurses 6.x.

The documentation is currently provided by the commented examples.

You are welcome to contribute and any form of help would be greatly