Known issues and FAQ's

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Platform issues

Please also check our list of open bugs for v. 2.5


  • If you are behind a proxy server, chances are that you are unable to download the Python and/or Perl dependencies. The solution is to
  • open a cmd.exe and set the below variable:
set HTTP_PROXY=http://your_proxy_ip:port
and then start the McStas installer from within that cmd.exe shell


postinst set_mccode_default

(If failures are reported you may need to sudo that command)


PGPLOT issues

  • On Debian 9 and newer, including Ubuntu 18.04 LTS the default setup of the PGPLOT plotter uses the Giza libraries which e.g. does not produce png file successfully with and See for workarounds

Adding support for NCrystal

  • Unfortunately, the mcstas-suite-*-2.5 packages did not include the mcstas-ncrystal-2.5 package and hence needs to be installed independently. This unfortunately has the side effect that some symlinks are broken. Hence also please reinstall e.g. mcstas-tools-python-mcrun-2.5.
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