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Outlook Privacy Plugin

A GnuPG/GPG/OpenPGP encryption plugin for Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016. Supports both 32 and 64bit versions of Outlook.

This plugin only works with the Windows version of Outlook. NOTE: This plugin only works with gpg2win 2.3.4


Outlook Privacy Plugin is a security extension for Outlook. It enables Outlook to send and receive email messages that are encrypted and/or signed with the OpenPGP standard. It uses your existing GnuPG/GPG keyrings.


This plugin is fairly stable and is used daily by numerous people. We have just started translating into different languages. If your interested in contributing a translation for an unsupported language please see issue #27.

Submitting Fixes or Features

We will happilly accept bug fixes or feature improvments as pull requests. Your welcome to contact me via email or issues to ask any questions.

Pull Request Guidelines

Please submit one pull request per-feature or bug fix. Please be detailed in your commit message about what has been changed and why. It is likely that we will make comments and suggestions prior to accepting (code review). This is normal :)

When possible please squash all commits to a single one. If multiple commits per pull request are needed, please make each commit message descriptive and detailed.


See the releases page for downloads and release notes.

1. Download

Download the latest release from the the releases page.

2. Install Gpg4win

Install gpg4win version 2.3.4 and import or create keys as needed. Verify you can see all expected keys from the gpg4win key manager software.

Gpg4win is not required, but highly recommended.

Versions newer than 2.3.4 have been reported as not compatable with OPP.

3. Install Outlook Privacy Plugin

Close outlook and run the Outlook Privacy Plugin installer.

4. Setting custom keyring location (OPTIONAL)

Outlook Privacy Plugin should automatically find your keyrings. However, if they are located in a non-standard location or gpg4win is not being used, a custom location for keyrings can be set via the GNUPGHOME environmental variable. After setting the environmental variable, Outlook must be restarted.


  • Supports the following versions of Outlook

    • Microsoft Outlook 2010

    • Microsoft Outlook 2013

    • Microsoft Outlook 2016

  • Support for both 32bit & 64bit versions of Office

  • Encrypt and decrypt email using OpenPGP standard

  • Supports encrypted attachments

  • Supports multiple recipients

  • Decrypts PGP/MIME

  • Decrypts OpenPGP blocks in HTML email

  • Decrypts HTML emails

  • Multiple email accounts (based on sender/receiver email)

  • Attach public key to emails

Not Supported:

  • Sending PGP/MIME emails

  • Sending HTML email

  • Decrypting in preview pain

Troubleshooting & Install Issues

For common install and usage issues see the following wiki pages:


A PGP encryption plugin for Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016.




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