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Major rewrite of the WebSockets library:

  • New: Moved library to an OO approach for WebSockets connections (Client/Server Classes)
  • New: Abstracted underlying socket functionality (e.g. NI VISA TCP) for future secure WebSockets support
  • New: Added TCP socket listener for listening for server socket connections
  • New: Simplified API
  • New: Added high-level Read function which internally handles fragmented and Ping frames
  • New: Added WebSockets Client Example VI and modified examples to use new classes
  • New: Added unit testing to source repository
  • New: Added detailed documentation (.chm file) to LabVIEW Help menu and added examples to NI Example Finder
  • New: Added palette support for LV2020
  • Fix: Fixed incorrectly applied timeout values (timeout = approx. maximum time until VI returns)
  • Fix: WebSocket-Client-Key is now correctly generated as a random string rather than being a constant

Note: A backwards compatibility layer is retained for legacy applications allowing upgrade with minimal application changes. It is strongly recommended to update applications to use the new library VIs.