The official WordPress plugin for cross-posting to Medium.
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Warning: This plugin is no longer supported or maintained by Medium. For all issues, please refer to the community support forum and Medium's API documentation.

Medium plugin for WordPress

The Medium plugin for WordPress allows you to cross-post your post entries to Medium.

This repository is used for development and should not be considered stable.

Please install the plugin from within WordPress by going to Plugins->Add New and searching for Medium. Alternatively, you can download a stable version from Medium Wordpress Plugin.


  • Each WordPress user can connect their own Medium account.
  • Support for Creative Commons and Public Domain licensing.
  • Support for creating posts as drafts, unlisted, or public.


Questions, comments, bug reports, and pull requests are all welcomed. If you haven't contributed to a Medium project before please head over to the Open Source Project and fill out an OCLA (it should be pretty painless).


Jamie Talbot


Frankie Jarrett Dusty Matthews


Copyright 2015 A Medium Corporation

Licensed under Apache License Version 2.0. Details in the attached LICENSE file.