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Components for Blazor

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Blazorise is a component library built on top of Blazor and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma and Material.

Commercial support

Support for the Blazorise Components is available as part of the Blazorise Commercial subscription.

With the commercial license you get:

  • Access to premium themes and templates
  • Premium forum support
  • Dedicated customer support with 24 or 16 hour response time
  • Priority fixes and feature requests

Supporting Blazorise

Blazorise is an Apache 2.0-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of these awesome backers.

Special Sponsors


Blazor WebAssembly

Blazor Server

Note: This project is still experimental so it's possible that some components will be removed or refactored.

Releases and Roadmap


For full documentation, please visit the Blazorise official documentation page.

Continuing reading below for a quick start guide.


Before you continue, please make sure you have the latest version of Visual Studio and .Net Core installed. Visit an official Blazor site to learn more.


There are currently 5 different NuGet packages for each of the supported CSS frameworks. Available packages are:

- Blazorise.Bootstrap
- Blazorise.Bulma
- Blazorise.Material
- Blazorise.AntDesign

This guide will show you how to setup Blazorise with Bootstrap and FontAwesome icons. To setup Blazorise for other CSS frameworks, please refer the Usage page in the documentation.

1. NuGet packages

First step is to install a Bootstrap provider for Blazorise:

Install-Package Blazorise.Bootstrap

And FontAwesome icon package:

Install-Package Blazorise.Icons.FontAwesome

2. Source files

The next step is to define links to Bootstrap and FontAwesome CSS or JS files. If you're using Blazor WebAssembly project template, those links will go to the index.html located inside of wwwroot folder. Otherwise, if you're using a Blazor Server project template you will place the links into the _Host.cshtml.

In this step we're also going to define the links for Blazorise content files that comes with NuGet packages. You must follow the naming convention _content/{LIBRARY.NAME}/{FILE.NAME}.

  <!-- inside of head section -->
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-B0vP5xmATw1+K9KRQjQERJvTumQW0nPEzvF6L/Z6nronJ3oUOFUFpCjEUQouq2+l" crossorigin="anonymous">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

  <link href="_content/Blazorise/blazorise.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  <link href="_content/Blazorise.Bootstrap/blazorise.bootstrap.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  <div id="app"></div>

  <!-- inside of body section and after the div/app tag  -->
  <script src="" integrity="sha384-DfXdz2htPH0lsSSs5nCTpuj/zy4C+OGpamoFVy38MVBnE+IbbVYUew+OrCXaRkfj" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
  <script src="" integrity="sha384-9/reFTGAW83EW2RDu2S0VKaIzap3H66lZH81PoYlFhbGU+6BZp6G7niu735Sk7lN" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
  <script src="" integrity="sha384-+YQ4JLhjyBLPDQt//I+STsc9iw4uQqACwlvpslubQzn4u2UU2UFM80nGisd026JF" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

  <script src="_content/Blazorise/blazorise.js"></script>
  <script src="_content/Blazorise.Bootstrap/blazorise.bootstrap.js"></script>

NOTE When Blazor project is created it will also include it's own Bootstrap and FontAwesome files that can sometime be of older versions. To ensure we're using the appropriate Bootstrap and FontAwesome files, you need to remove them or replace them with the links from above. If you forget to remove them it's possible that some of components will not work as expected.

3. Using's

In your main _Imports.razor add:

@using Blazorise

4. Registrations

Starting from .Net Core 3.2 there was some changes regarding the setup process for Blazor WebAssembly project types. Specifically the Startup.cs file is removed and all registrations are now done in the Program.cs.

Depending on the hosting model of your Blazor project you only need to apply either step 4.a or 4.b. You should not include both of them as that is generally not supported.

To Learn more about the different project types you can go to the official documentation.

4.a Blazor WebAssembly

This step is mandatory for Blazor WebAssembly(client-side) and also for ASP.NET Core hosted project types. You should place the code into the Program.cs of your client project.

// other usings
using Blazorise;
using Blazorise.Bootstrap;
using Blazorise.Icons.FontAwesome;

public class Program
  public static async Task Main( string[] args )
    var builder = WebAssemblyHostBuilder.CreateDefault( args );

      .AddBlazorise( options =>
          options.ChangeTextOnKeyPress = true;
      } )

    builder.Services.AddSingleton( new HttpClient
      BaseAddress = new Uri( builder.HostEnvironment.BaseAddress )
    } );

    builder.RootComponents.Add<App>( "#app" );

    var host = builder.Build();

    await host.RunAsync();

4.b Blazor Server

This step is going only into the Startup.cs of your Blazor Server project.

// other usings
using Blazorise;
using Blazorise.Bootstrap;
using Blazorise.Icons.FontAwesome;

public class Startup
  public void ConfigureServices( IServiceCollection services )
      .AddBlazorise( options =>
        options.ChangeTextOnKeyPress = true; // optional
      } )

      // other services

  public void Configure( IComponentsApplicationBuilder app )
    // other settings
    app.UseEndpoints( endpoints =>
        endpoints.MapFallbackToPage( "/_Host" );
    } );


@page "/counter"

<Heading Size="HeadingSize.Is1">Counter</Heading>

<Paragraph>Current count: @currentCount</Paragraph>

<Button Color="Color.Primary" Clicked="IncrementCount">Click me</Button>

@code {
    int currentCount = 0;

    void IncrementCount()

Try Preview

If you're willing to try preview versions of Blazorise all you need to do is to setup Visual Studio so it knows how to use Blazorise MyGet feed. The easies way to do this is to create NuGet.config file and place it into your solution root folder. Then you copy the following content and paste it to the NuGet.config.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <add key="BlazoriseMyGet" value="" />

Now you will be able to get preview versions of Blazorise with the latest changes and bug fixes.