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Ugliness in the display of player names #24

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There are at least two problems with the display of player names in the 3D area when using the hardware renderer:

  • There's z-flighting between the name and its black "shadow"
  • Kerning isn't done quite right, and so there's sometimes a lot of extra space between letters.
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There's z-flighting between the name and its black "shadow"

Really? Different than on 103? I don't think we have z-fighting there for the names..
You could try increasing the delta between the following two values in D3DRenderNamesDraw3D (these are the zbias values for the name and the shadowname) - Like turn 254 into 250...

if (offset == 0)
pChunk->zBias = 255;
pChunk->zBias = 254;

It also should be mentioned that we use the following call also affecting DEPTHBIAS, in D3DRenderInit, which seems not yet be part of your port:

IDirect3DDevice9_SetRenderState(gpD3DDevice, D3DRS_SLOPESCALEDEPTHBIAS, F2DW(1.0f));

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