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@MichalLytek MichalLytek released this
· 337 commits to master since this release
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  • Breaking Change: make graphql-js packages a peer dependencies, bump graphql to ^14.1.1 and @types/graphql to ^14.0.7 (#239)
  • Breaking Change: remove useContainer function and allow to register container by buildSchema options (#241)
  • Breaking Change: change the default PrintSchemaOptions option commentDescriptions to false (no more # comments in SDL)
  • add support for passing PrintSchemaOptions in buildSchema.emitSchemaFile (e.g. commentDescriptions: true to restore previous behavior)
  • add buildTypeDefsAndResolvers utils function for generating apollo-like typeDefs and resolvers pair (#233)
  • add support for generic types (#255)


  • Breaking Change: remove the formatArgumentValidationError helper as it's not compatible and not needed in new Apollo Server (#258)
  • fix calling return type getter function @Field(type => Foo) before finishing module evaluation (allow for extending circular classes using require)
  • fix nullifying other custom method decorators - call the method on target instance, not the stored reference to original function (#247)
  • fix throwing error when extending non args class in the @ArgsType() class
  • prevent unnecessary conversion of an object that is already an instance of the requested type (avoid constructor side-effects)