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Developer tools for creating cloud-native Java applications

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  1. microshed-testing microshed-testing Public

    A test framework for black-box testing MicroProfile and Jakarta EE applications

    Java 64 23

  2. boost boost Public archive

    Boost Maven and Gradle plugins for MicroProfile development

    Java 27 13

  3. mp-starter-vscode-ext mp-starter-vscode-ext Public

    VS Code extension for Eclipse MicroProfile Starter

    TypeScript 9 8

  4. mp-starter-intellij-ext mp-starter-intellij-ext Public

    IntelliJ Plugin for Eclipse MicroProfile Starter

    Java 5 4

  5. vscode-microprofile-pack vscode-microprofile-pack Public

    Visual Studio Code Extension Pack for MicroProfile

    TypeScript 5 2

  6. mp-rest-client-generator-vscode-ext mp-rest-client-generator-vscode-ext Public

    VS Code extension to generate a MicroProfile Rest Client interface using OpenAPITools

    TypeScript 4 4


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