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@cleemullins cleemullins released this Dec 11, 2018 · 9 commits to 4.2 since this release

Release 4.2

In this release, the team focused on enhancing monitoring, telemetry, and analytics capabilities of the SDK by improving the integration with Azure App Insights. We have streamlined the integration and default telemetry emitted from the SDK. This include (Waterfall) dialog instrumentation, docs, and examples for querying data, and a PowerBI dashboard. As with any release, we fixed a number of bugs, continue to improve LUIS and QnA integration and further clean our engineering practices. There were additional updates across the other area like Language, Prompt and Dialogs, and Connectors and Adapters.

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Changelog V4.2.0

Monitoring, Telemetry and Analytics

  • Application Insights build fixes [PR 1221]
  • Application Insights integration : ASP.Net Core review [PR 1168]
  • Renamed Application Insights projects to have ".Integration" in them. [PR 1217]
  • Update Application Insights .Net Core 2 project for packaging [PR 1216]
  • Log TraceTelemetry with Application Insights telemetry [PR 1213]
  • Add DialogSet.SetTelemetryClient(), and modify ComponentDialog [PR 1210]
  • Replace await with ContinueWith in Transcript middleware [PR 1212]
  • Dialog exposing Logger property IBotTelemetryClient [PR 1179]
  • Add WaterfallDialog StartEvent for VA [PR 1198]
  • Telemetry: Add instanceId to WaterfallDialog logging [PR 1196]
  • Add user agent header to QnA calls [PR 1201]
  • Add user agent to LUIS calls [PR 1199]

Language (LUIS, Recognizers, QnA)

  • Add options to individual QnAMaker calls [PR 1200]
  • Role instead of entity type as property name in composites. [PR 1094]

Prompts and Dialogs

  • Fix confirmation prompt exception when locale on activity was empty string [PR 1178]

State and Storage

  • Add Delete function to BotState for parity with JavaScript [PR 1215]
  • Make CosmosDB provider consistent with Blob Storage provider [PR 1181]
  • Fixed force flag on save following clear [PR 1172]
  • Adds integration extensions for IServiceCollection [PR 1103]
  • Obsolete the BotFrameworkOptions::State property [PR 1102]

Connectors and Adapters

  • Allow the service to be null in the response from a CreateConversation call [PR 1193]
  • Update to validate JWT tokens from the emulator [PR 1174]
  • Update connector lib with latest swagger [PR 1078]
  • Add reply conversation ref method to activity [PR 1194]

Engineering (Build, Automation, Tests)

  • Adding 'channelService' property to the bot file's endpoint service type [PR 1163]
  • Update packages and fix compiler warning [PR 1104]
  • Cherry-pick pull request #1076 from 4.1 for US Gov Data centers [PR 1077]
  • Regen Swagger components, add autorest.csharp as a pinned devDependency [PR 1208]


  • Change serialization settings so anonymous supported [PR 1096]
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