An installer that can be chained with other packages to locate the latest VSIXInstaller.exe to use for installing VSIX extensions.
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VSIX Installer Bootstrapper

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One of the great new features of Visual Studio 2017 is an initial smaller and fast install. To compliment a smaller - but powerful - initial feature set, installing additional workloads and components on-demand is supported for both end users and package developers.

Package developers can install their VSIX extensions for Visual Studio using this bootstrapper to find the latest version of VSIXInstaller.exe and install their extension(s). This may be preferable for extensions that support Visual Studio 2017 or newer than installing extensions in Windows Installer .msi packages, since MSIs cannot run concurrently in separate processes.

Other deployments may also benefit since they no longer have to find where VSIXInstaller.exe is installed. The command line passed to VSIXBootstrapper.exe is passed through to VSIXInstaller.exe.

See our samples for ideas how to use VSIXBootstrapper.exe.


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This project is licensed under the MIT license.