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Your solution to a great Discord Community! Adding levels, role management, achievements, profiles, image search, games, and many more!

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Getting Started

Yes, in its current state this process is tedious. However, there will be an installer in the future that will make getting started much simpler.


Currently the Miki API is private, meaning you won't have access to the leaderboards until the API is released publicly. More information will be available here when that happens.

If you have any questions about the setup process do not ask in the support server, as a majority of the people there will not be able to assist you. DM Xetera#9596 for questions instead.

Installation Steps:

  1. Clone the Miki repository.

  2. Install Miki.Framework and Miki.Rest through NuGet or clone them as well, along with the other dependencies.

  3. Add your bot token in Miki/miki/settings.json.

  4. Download Redis and get that running too.

  5. Download PostgreSQL and set up a database called Miki.

  6. Configure your connection string in Miki/miki/settings.json as such (if using localhost):

"connection_string": "Server=;Port=5432;User Id=postgres;Database=Miki;"
  1. Install the uuid-ossp postgres extensions on the Miki database.
  1. Run existing migrations inside the base Miki solution through the NuGet Package Manager Console with Update-Database

    • Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console
  2. Run Miki. 🎉

Possible issues:

These will likely be fixed in the near future (if it's not already by the time you're reading this):

  • A lack of API keys might be giving you issues in the DonatorModule and FunModule, the simplest way to solve it is to just comment out the lines that raise exceptions and the lines that reference the client (there shouldn't be more than 2 reference max, if so, you're doing something wrong).

  • If you're having trouble running migrations make sure your EntityFramework for both base Miki and Miki.Framework is on version 2.0.1-2.0.3 NOT 2.1.1.

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