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Welcome to the shared source code project of Ming-Ming Cheng. Please visit http://mmcheng.net/ for relative papers, patents, research data, etc. This source code is free for non-commercial usage.If you use any part of the code in your research, please cite relative papers. My email address could be found here: http://mmcheng.net/ . Please look at the FAQs before email me about some questions (questions already occurred in the the FAQs will not be replied).

Synchronize using Git or SVN

This project is managed by Git. Please try the following command to get the latest version of it:

$ git clone https://github.com/MingMingCheng/CmCode.git

You can also use subversion to access it by checking out the url:


Config your project to use the lib

Most useful functions are inside the CmLib project. It's a static lib. You just need to config corresponding lib and include path in visual studio as shown in the image bellow:

Config CmLib in Visual studio

After that, you will be able to use all the functions in this library with a single line of C++ code.


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