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dRep is a python program for rapidly comparing large numbers of genomes. dRep can also "de-replicate" a genome set by identifying groups of highly similar genomes and choosing the best representative genome for each genome set.

Manual, installation instructions, and API are at available at ReadTheDocs

Publication is available at ISMEJ

Open source pre-print publication is available at bioRxiv

Installation with pip

$ pip install drep

Quick start

Genome comparison:

$ dRep compare output_directory -g path/to/genomes/*.fasta

Genome de-replication:

$ dRep dereplicate outout_directory -g path/to/genomes/*.fasta

Make sure dependencies are properly installed:

$ drep bonus output_directory --check_dependencies



  • Mash is used to rapidly compare all genomes in a pair-wise manner
  • MUMmer is used to perform more actuate comparisons between genomes which are shown to be similar with Mash


  • CheckM is used to determine the contamination and completeness of genomes (used during de-replication)
  • gANI (aka ANIcalculator) is an optional alternative to MUMmer
  • Prodigal is a dependency of both checkM and gANI


  • Centrifuge can be used to perform rough taxonomic assignment of bins