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A Vim Plugin for Blogging in Wordpress (incl.
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This is a fork of the VimBlog project, located at:

And VimBlog was a fork of the VimRepress project, located at:

VimWordpress is a Python 3 plugin for Vim to manage Wordpress (incl. blogs. As of 2016, other vim plugins lack the support of Python 3, which motivates the development of the VimWordpress plugin.


  • Vim 7.3+ with Python 3 support (Python 2 support is dropped)
  • Python 3 Environment matched wtih Vim's support ("has(python3)" return 1 in vim)
  • python-markdown/python-markdown2 installed (execute "pip install markdown2" in shell)
  • Wordpress 3.0.0 +


  1. Use Vundle to add mrpeterlee/VimWordpress to the Plugin source. Plugin 'mrpeterlee/VimWordpress'
  2. Create a ~/.vimpressrc file, and put the following in it
blog_url = 
username = your_user_name
password = your_password

Command Examples

Some commands list above contain special usage, example below may clearify them for you.

:BlogList             -  List 30 recent posts. 
:BlogList page        -  List 30 recent pages. 
:BlogList post 100    -  List 100 recent posts. 

:BlogNew post         -  Write an new post. 
:BlogNew page         -  Write an new page. 

:BlogSave             -  Save (defautely published.) 
:BlogSave draft       -  Save as draft. 

:BlogPreview local    -  Preview page/post locally in your browser. 
:BlogPreview publish  -  Same as `:BlogSave publish' with brower opened. 

:BlogOpen 679 


A few shortcuts was recommended in VimBlog for day-to-day blogging:

Starting workflow

From the shell I launch these two character shortcuts to begin blogging immediately.

alias nb="vim +BlogNew"
alias eb="vim +BlogList"

Inside Vim

Once inside Vim I can run these.

nnoremap <leader>b :BlogSave publish<CR>
nnoremap <leader>h :set ft=HTML<CR><CR>

Default to publish as "private"

Wordpress defines three types of posting: "draft", "private", "public", and VimWordpress defaults to "private" after ":BlogSave".


All credit to Pentie for creating VimRepress, which this is based on.

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