A cross-platform, open source, and super fast MUD client with scripting in Lua
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Mudlet is a quality MUD client, designed to take mudding to a new level.

It’s a new breed of a client on the MUD scene – with an intuitive user interface, a specially designed scripting framework, and a very fast text display. That, along with cross-platform capability and an open-source development model result in a very likable MUD client.

Easy to use client

We’re big on usability, and as such, creating an easy to use client and interface is one of the defining goals of the project. This applies to both the power users and plain gamers – everyone will feel at home with Mudlet, without having to waste too much time figuring out how to do something.

Designed for speed

Mudlet is designed and built to be very fast and efficient right from the start. Its scripting engine is designed to scale to large systems without bogging down – and the text display is designed to handle thousands of lines in under a second. All in all, we are very serious about Mudlet being quick – and take all measures to make it so.

Powerful Scripting

Mudlet features a scripting framework using Lua – a small, fast and efficient scripting language. This allows Mudlet to leverage the existing community and large ecosystem of existing packages for Lua without the many drawbacks of creating a Mudlet specific scripting language. Best of all, the Lua API is seamlessly integrated in Mudlet and shared by all aliases, triggers, scripts, keybindings, buttons and other Mudlet components.

Cross-Platform love

We believe in making Mudlet available to people on all major platforms, and we work on keeping cross-platform compatibility right from start. Mudlet is available on Linux (both 32bit and 64bit), Windows, and Macs; work is currently in progress by one interested developer to add support for FreeBSD as a secondary platform i.e. we think it will work but the testing may be limited and your milage may vary.

And many other things…

Such as package creation / sharing, 3D mapper, and a moddable UI. You’re welcome to suggest new ideas and contribute code, too!


Please see the compiling page on how to compile Mudlet on multiple platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux OS.