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Destination Types:

World Destinations

/mvtp world /mvtp w:world /mvtp w:world:se


World destinations can be prefixed with a w: but it is not required unless you are including a direction. If no prefix is found for a destination, it is assumed to be a world. You can also add a direction to spawn a player in a world just like with portals.

Anchor Destinations

/mvtp a:myplace


Anchors should be used if you have a place you want to go frequently. Using the /mv anchor NAME command to first create an anchor, you can then use it in any command that takes a destination.

Exact Destinations

/mvtp e:world:0,0,0
/mvtp e:world:0,0,0:0:0


Exact destinations are useful if you know exactly where someone should spawn, but they're difficult to set, as that's a lot to type! Luckily, an easy way of setting an exact destination is by using: /mvpm dest here this will set the destination to an exact dest of your current location, including where you are looking. This is great if you want people to spawn looking at your awesome creations!

Player Destinations

/mvtp pl:fernferret

Permissions (Note: This will do nothing, but it's included for completeness)

Player destinations are exactly what they sound like, they will always teleport you to a specific player! If that player is not online, you will not teleport, or if you're using a portal, it will act as if it's inactive. If a player tries to teleport to themselves, nothing will happen.

Cannon Destinations

/mvtp cannon-2
/mvtp ca:world:x,y,z:pitch:yaw:speed


The thing you have to remember with Cannon Destinations is that you will never see a cannon. This basically creates an exact destination with a velocity. The reason it's a different dest type entirely is due to the fact that we have provided a convince method: cannon-X where X is a velocity.

Bed Destinations

/mvtp b:playername

/mvtp b:playerbed - Legacy backwards compatibility, teleports the player to their own bed.


Takes a player to the bed that [playername] will spawn at if they die.

Portal Destinations - REQUIRES: Multiverse-Portals

/mvtp p:portal
/mvtp p:portal:n
/mvtp p:portal:sw


These are examples of the PORTAL destination type. Portal destination types are ONLY available if you have Multiverse-Portals installed. If you want players to face a different direction when being placed at the destination, you can add any of the following with a colon (as shown twice above) n,e,s,w,ne,nw,se,sw

Special case

When you're standing inside a portal (let's say PortalB, if you want to set the destination of another (PortalA) to the center of that portal facing the rounded direction, you can simply use /mvpm dest here. This will set the destination of the selected source portal (PortalA) to the portal you're standing in plus the cardinal direction (p:portal:se). This makes it a snap to set the directions of portals without any lookups!

OpenWarp Destinations - REQUIRES: OpenWarp Dev Builds

/mvtp ow:WarpName


Yep, we've done it. This does not mean we will provide support for every warp plugin in this manner. This is code that has nothing to do with MV, but is OpenWarp using our API. Ask your Warp plugin author to talk to us about supporting their destinations or switch to OpenWarp.

Disclaimer: OpenWarp is authored by Multiverse committer @lithium3141

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