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Multiverse 2 Core Config

Here is the default config that ships with MV2. Note the version number at the bottom. We will (try to) update this page with newer configs when they ship.

Make sure you're up to date

If you type /mv version a version string will be dumped to the console, in it you will see a line:

XX:XX:XX [INFO] [Multiverse-Core] [Multiverse-Core] Dumping Config Values: (version 2.7)

This is the current version of your config. If it does not match the version in the example below, please grab an updated version of Multiverse-Core and all of the Multiverse Plugins you use.

Multiverse will always migrate your configs for you if we change the format (like when we did 2.7->2.8). With that said, it never hurts to keep backups in case of server failure or a ferret munching a few bytes off the end of a file.

Multiverse 2 Core Sample Config

# This is the base tag. DON'T TOUCH IT.

  # This is used for more efficient config parsing. DON'T TOUCH IT.
  ==: com.onarandombox.MultiverseCore.MultiverseCoreConfiguration

  # If value is set to false, Multiverse will NOT enforce
  # world access permissions.
  # Basically permissions to access all worlds.
  enforceaccess: 'false'

  # If this is set to true, we will prefix the chat with
  # a colorful world alias if it's present. If not, we simply
  # show the world's name in white. If this is false Multiverse
  # won't touch your chat 
  prefixchat: 'true'

  # If this is set to true, Multiverse will enforce access permissions
  # for all plugins, not just Multiverse.
  teleportintercept: 'true'

  # If this is set to true, users will be notified of what permission(s)
  # they lack to perform an action in Multiverse. If this is false,
  # they are denied silently.
  displaypermerrors: 'true'

  # If true, this will ensure players, on first spawn, go to the spawn
  # that you've set with Multiverse. Set to false if you use another
  # spawn plugin.
  firstspawnoverride: 'true'

  # This is the world you want players to spawn in. It does *NOT*
  # have to be the world in!
  firstspawnworld: Lobby_World

  # How long to leave in between sending a message to the player.
  # In Milliseconds - Default is '5000' which is 5 Seconds. 
  messagecooldown: '5000'

  # How fast are people allowed to use /MVTP
  # In Milliseconds - Default is '1000' which is 1 Second.
  # If you have 'teleportintercept' set to 'true', this will limit
  # ANY plugin that uses the onTeleport method.
  teleportcooldown: '1000'

  # This is our debug flag. It's value can be 0-3. Only touch this
  # if instructed to by a wiki page or developer.
  globaldebug: '0'

  # This just signifies the version number so we can see what version of config you have.
  version: '2.9'

  # This config option defines whether or not Multiverse should 
  # interfere with's Bukkit's default portal search radius.
  # Setting it to true 'true' would mean you want to simply let
  # Bukkit decide the search radius itself.
  defaultportalsearch: 'false'

  # This config option limits the area in which Bukkit will attempt
  # to find portals to connect to when using Vanilla style portals.
  # This only has an effect on Vanilla portals, including the ones
  # offered by Multiverse-NetherPortals.
  portalsearchradius: '16'