Disclaimer regarding GPU mining, pool mining, and renting hashpower

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Be Advised

This is a brand new blockchain with a very low difficulty. As such, there is a chance you could "work ahead" and de-synchronize your client from the blockchain. If this happens, you will need to restart geth in order to force it to re-synchronize and catch up with the network.

GPU Mining

After much time to gather data and ensure network stability, we can confirm that GPU mining is most definitely supported by this coin in much the same way as ETH. One very important detail to note as that GPU mining takes place through third-party software and as such, will not possess the features of an integrated CPU miner. Common issues that may surface include:

Continued mining on forked blockchains due to no synchronization checks. Integrated CPU miners have catch clauses that prevent mining from a local node until the node is synchronized, which means they will often stop until synchronization is completed in the event of a de-synchronization. Please be aware of this stipulation moving forward.

Unfamiliarity with system resources. This basically means you often have to specify exactly what type of GPU you are using, the amount of shaders used by the GPU, the core/memory clock speeds, and the total vRAM available for use. Some third-party programs retrieve this information automatically, but can be tuned by a knowledgeable user to maximize efficiency.

Overworking local resources. It is no surprise that devoting hardware to intensive applications causes it to work harder, and therefore generate more heat and power consumption than is normal for idle hardware. Be aware that a weak power supply unit, mis-configured settings, inadequate cooling, and careless tuning can cause hardware failures. We cannot be held responsible for any hardware that is damaged in the course of your mining attempts.

Renting Hashpower

Many have asked about the potential to rent hashpower in order to more effectively mine this coin. This is confirmed working when using proper settings, however it should be noted that renting hashrate will cause drastic spikes in network difficulty, immediately reducing the total output from not only your own efforts, but the community's efforts entirely. This means that renting hashrate immediately devalues the hashrate you have rented, causing you to lose money and time. We will not be responsible for any loss, monetary or otherwise, that stems from this decision.

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