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Start a miner

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Option 1: Download released program

Get most recent release: running up GMC (change the URL accordingly):

sudo chmod +x gmc
sudo cp build/bin/gmc /usr/bin

Option 2: Compile from source

You may need to install Go if you don't have Golang in your system.

git clone
cd go-musicoin
make gmc

After it is successfully compiled, copy it so user can access it from any location of the machine.

cp build/bin/gmc /usr/bin


gmc console

adding default nodes as peers

Once it runs up, it may not sync unless you add some live nodes, we have 2 genesis node as reference nodes but you can definitely add from other sources.


If you can't find any peers added successfully, try more enodes to see if they are friendly to be your peers.

#Let's Mine in Gmc console, create a new coinbase account:

> personal.newAccount()

after inputting pass code twice, you will get an address like 0x5e2121785ca34d63ebe37e15612984bfb9368878, you can start mining now with:


Now you can get some syncing and DAG generating process then see miner start working. (Note: Before you start mining, best exit the console and go to backup this wallet at ~/.ethereum/keystores . Save the key file to other places to make sure you can access the balance from other wallets)

Common commands


// check coinbase balance
web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase), "ether")

// to send funds
eth.sendTransaction({from:eth.accounts[0], to:"address", value: web3.toWei(*amount*, "ether")})

#GPU Mining It is possible to GPU mine this coin, although you will not be able to use the GMC interface directly to mine unless you compile it with OpenCL allowed.

Our best advice is to use Genoil's Ethminer, as it provides support for both Nvidia and AMD cards.

Once you have the program, you will need to set GMC to allow you to use an external miner to connect.

This is accomplished by the following commands:


gmc --rpc --rpcaddr "" --rpcport 8545

Once gmc has synced with the blockchain, launch the miner using the following parameters:

ethminer -G -F -O wallet name here


gmc --rpc --rpcaddr "Your.Device.Address.Here" --rpcport 8545

Once gmc has synced with the blockchain, launch the miner using the following parameters:

ethminer -G -F http://"IP.Address.of.Host":8545 -O wallet name here

You will see ethminer generating the DAG files and work will begin. Both ethminer and gmc will alert you when a block has been accepted.

###Windows quick-start If you want to get mining as fast as possible on a windows build, these instructions should help you along.

Move the gmc.exe file to your desktop

Once it's on your desktop, right click on gmc.exe, and make a shortcut.

Once you have a shortcut made, right click the shortcut, go to properties, and in the field that says Target, tack this bit of code onto the end of it:

--rpc --rpcaddr "" --rpcport 8545

Then apply the settings, close whatever instance of gmc you have up, and open the shortcut.

Then run ethminer (which you learned how to configure above) after it syncs.

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