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Version 2 of MyTown - A Minecraft Server Protection Mod

Build Status Support via Gittip

Release Mirror

MyEssentials Core - MyEsC Mirror


  • Create Towns and claim Blocks to protect your stuff!
  • Invite other players to your town. Don't be a loner anymore!
  • Form Nations to help protect each other!
  • Start wars between Towns and Nations! (Not added yet)
  • Assign Residents to Plots
  • Restrict what outsiders, residents, nation members, etc can do inside of your town!
  • Protects against multiple Minecraft mods including Tinkers Construct, IC2, Buildcraft 3, ComputerCraft, Minefactory Reloaded, and many more!
  • And much more!


Player Commands and permissions

Server Configs

Tutorial me

Submitting Pull Requests

Only work against the Master branch, any other branches should be considered unstable and potentially dangerous.


The license for MyTown 2 can be found here Its the "unlicense"

Requesting Features

When requesting a new feature, be clear with what your requesting, and mark it as enhancement.


  • On Espernet #mytown
  • On the Minecraft Forum
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