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Spigot plugin to send all warnings and errors to

  • Easily see all issues on your server in a beautiful web interface.
  • Get email notification for new (and returned) issues.
  • Detailed reports of issues so that plugin developers can easily fix them.
  • Lots of configuration options to filter and change events.



  1. Create an account on (of course this is for free):
    1. Click Try for free at the homepage.
    2. Fill in your name, email and a password.
    3. Fill in an organisation name, usually your server name (can easily be changed later).
      • In Sentry you have a user account, which can be part of one or more organisations, each organisation has zero or more projects (a project for example represents a minecraft server, website, app, etc.).
  2. Setup a Sentry project, it should already ask for this, you can use the name of your server again (can easily be changed later).
  3. Sentry now asks you to setup your application, you only need to copy the DSN:
    1. Click the small get your DSN link.
      • If you missed this link, click Project Settings at the top right of your project and go to the Client Keys (DSN) tab.
    2. Copy the top (non-public) DSN to your clipboard or a text file, we need to put this in the config of ErrorSink.
  4. Install ErrorSink on your server:
    1. Copy the jar file to the plugins directory.
    2. Start/reload the server.
    3. Open the config file at plugins/ErrorSink/config.yml.
    4. Enter the DSN in the dsn config option (the one we got in the web interface).
    5. Restart/reload your server.
  5. Setup complete, ErrorSink will now send all errors and warnings to the web interface. You probably already have an event in the web interface of Sentry which you can check out.
  6. If you have spammy events of plugins you cannot fix or want to change the collected data you can use the config.yml file to adapt ErrorSink. The free version of Sentry has a limit of 10000 events per month, so filtering spammy warnings/errors is recommended.

Example issue

Overview of an issue as shown on the web interface of Sentry (everything between the start of the Details tab and the tags section is in a right sidebar when the screen is wider).

Example issue

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are messages with ips not shown in Sentry?
    • By default Sentry has some data scrubbers enabled, you can turn them off in the Project Settings:
      • Disable Data Scrubber
      • Disable Use Default Scrubbers