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@dnorgaard-usgs dnorgaard-usgs released this Apr 17, 2018 · 238 commits to master since this release

Critical changes

  • Support for 64-bit OS

New features

  • Add option to remove points with intensity higher than a certain threshold (#17)
  • Use another color (cyan) for fit resolve in Fit Window (#19)
  • Auto-scale real-time route (#20)
  • Automatically change flux calculations when unit is changed (#23)
  • Display absolute values for final plume width and flux calculations (#24, #25)
  • Add support for re-evaluation of measurements taken in adaptive mode (#26)
  • Add Altitude to .STD files (#32)

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue with list of references not updating in Configuration Dialog->Evalute (#11)
  • Validate lat/lon values after focus is removed from field in Post Flux Calculation dialog (#14)
  • Fix issue with intensity slide bar on main page not always showing up (#21)
  • Fix date problem with measurements spanning midnight UTC (#27)
  • Fix Altitude showing up as 0.0 in evaluation logs (#29)
  • Fix "Could not communicate with the GPS" error popping up behind main UI (#31)
  • Fix multiples of same tab being generated in Post Flux Calculation dialog when 'File->ReEvaluate This Log File' is selected (#34)
  • Add message for user when Post-Wind calculations are not supported (#39)
  • Fix compatibility with high DPI display (#47)
  • Fix issue with reading GPS data off of COM ports above 9 (#53)

Removal of unused features

  • Remove option 3 from 'Sky' tab in ReEvaluation dialog (#9)
  • Remove 'Dark' tab from ReEvaluation dialog (#10)
  • Disable WindSpeed Measurement and PlumeHeight Measurement menu items (until dual-beam support can be implemented)
  • Remove Change Exposure Time menu option (#43)
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