Visualization addon for your open source monitoring core
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NagVis - Visualize monitoring data

NagVis is a program for visualizing the data the monitoring core of your choice, for example Nagios, Naemon, Icinga or Shinken, in a human friendly way.

Instead of rendering all your data in flat tables of hosts and service data which do not tell the user anything about relations between the object, in NagVis you can create a view on your objects which makes even non technical users understand the relations beteen your systems and services. This way visualized it is easy for the users to realize which components are affected by an occuring problem.

Besides manually created maps it is possible the create so called automaps which visualize the parent/child relations between hosts or geomaps which are meant to show objects based on the geographical coordinates. These maps are currently only meant to be static, there is no browsing or zooming possible like in Open Street Map or Google Maps.



There are different ways to install NagVis. The best way to an easily maintainable monitoring environment is to use OMD, the Open Monitoring Distribution. Everything you need comes in a single package. You will be ready to monitor within just a couple of minutes.

Manual installation

The classic way is to install NagVis is to use the installer script which will ask you a couple of questions and then tries to do the right thing to provide you with a working installation.

First you need to download NagVis. The released versions can be found on

Unpack the archive to a temporary place (for example /tmp), then change to that directory.

# tar xvzf nagvis-1.*.tar.gz /tmp
# cd /tmp/nagvis-1.*

Now execute the installer and follow the instructions.

# ./

Once you are finished with the installer, you can remove the source directory.

# rm -rf /tmp/nagvis-1.*

Hint: The installer can be called with command line parameters to e.g. avoid interactive questions during installation. For details launch the installer with the -h option.

Get support

There are many ways to get in touch with the NagVis team and community. For a detailed list just have a look at the support page.

Besides the free community support it is also possible to get paid services for NagVis. For example, if you need an extension for NagVis or assistance in customizing NagVis, feel free to contact us.

Reporting Bugs, Feature Requests

You found a bug in NagVis? The best way to submit the bug report is the GitHub issue tracker


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

For details please have a look at the COPYING file.

Have fun using NagVis and please report bugs!