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* FIX: Fixed possible "Cannot read property 'conf' ... Line 4383" error when
trying to interact with the map while it is initially loading
* FIX: Fixed incompatibility with PHP 7.2 in Dwoo 3rd party code
* FIX: Fixed outdated Monitoring portal link in header menu
* FIX: Fixed automaps filter_group when using ndomy/pgsql backend
* FIX: Prevent error when trying to replace old map options and no map exists
* FIX: Fixed object sort by state regression in 1.9.6
* Dynamic map objects can now be sorted by state (Using the new map global
settings dynmap_sort and dynmap_order)
* FIX: Improved error handling when trying to use aggregation objects with
backends that don't support these object types
* FIX: Fixed "A non-numeric value encountered" when creating new automaps
without width/height attributes. A workaround would be to add
height/width options manually to the map configuration.
* FIX: Fixed wrong hostname label in service hover menus
* FIX: Fixed repeated zoom of background image on state updates
* FIX: Fixed errors when saving viewport as new map
* FIX: Fixed rare issue when cloning just added objects
* FIX: Fixed broken worldmap when using relative objects
* FIX: Fixed displaying wrong backend option "-b" in summary output
* FIX: Don't display "update backend configuration" confirm in quiet mode
* FIX: Don't fail updating map configurations when no maps are defined
* FIX: Don't register demo rotation when using the "-o" option
* List of hover menu childs (e.g. services in host object hover) can now be
left unsorted (keep original sorting). This is useful for aggregation objects
where the single elements have a defined order and should not be sorted by state
(Configure this per object by adding the attribute hover_childs_sort=k).
* On demand automaps: Hostgroup filter in header menu is now a searchable dropdown field
* FIX: Fixed moving textbox objects in IE
* Multisite auth: Dropped support for WATO folder permissions
* std_html_bar Gadget: Added new optional parameters "perfdata" to specify
the perfdata index to show and "border" to enable/disable the border of the
bar using the values 0/1
* The default values for the "url" option of map objects can now be
configured in the map global sections using the options
host_url, hostgroup_url, service_url, servicegroup_url, map_url,
dyngroup_url and aggr_url
* FIX: Fixed incompatibility with pecl-http (Cannot redeclare http_redirect())
* FIX: Fixed duplicate global section in sample automaps after editing
* FIX: Fixed wrong positioned labels of gadgets
* FIX: Added missing stale images of the std_small iconset
* FIX: Fixed map update (background color, title, favicon) on changed state
* MKBI backend: New option "auth_secret_file" to read the secret from a file
* FIX: Fixed "hanging" user/role related actions with older SQLite versions
(e.g. seen on CentOS 6 or older)
* FIX: Fixed problems while editing roles of users
* FIX: Fixed checkHideMenu is not defined issue when header menu is disabled
* FIX: Fixed install of apache config to /etc/apache2/config-available
instead of /etc/apache2/config-available/conf.d
* FIX: Fixed additional PHP 5.3 compatibility issue with new pgsql/ndomy code
* FIX: Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility issue with new pgsql/ndomy code
* FIX: Fixed broken service group processing with pgsql/ndomy backends
* FIX: Temporary template files/directories are now created only user writable
* New backend "pgsql" to connect with PostgreSQL databases of Icinga
(Thanks a lot to Peter Pentchev for doing the work!)
* FIX: Security fix: Authenticated users could read contents of local files
by opening a custom URL (#29). Only https/http URLs can now be used.
* FIX: Security fix: Only configured ULRs can be fetched using the Url module (#29)
* FIX: Fixed wrong positioning of icon labels during object refresh (when no
state but plugin output or perfdata changed) (#81 #93)
* FIX: Fixed too small stale icons of the std_medium iconset
* FIX: Fixed Javascript error when closing the object edit dialog after
using the color picker
* FIX: Now really fixed refresh of changed map properties (like background image)
* FIX: Fixed possible XSS in std_table.php gadget (#91, CVE-2017-6393)
(If you want to solve this issue for your installation without updating NagVis,
you can remove the file std_table.php from your installation. It is
only needed if you use the std_table.php gadget.)
* FIX: Fixed possible empty maps when manually disabling the header menu
* FIX: Fixed refresh of changed map properties (like background image)
* FIX: Fixed NDO/IDO MySQL backend compatibility with ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY MySQL
mode (Thanks to SteScho)
* FIX: NDO/IDO MySQL backend: Fixed problem connecting to database
* FIX: NDO/IDO MySQL backend: Fixed problem reporting database connection issues
* FIX: Livestatus backend was calculating wrong services for host group
objects having the "exclude_members" attribute configured
* Check_MK BI backend: Added "timeout" parameter to adapt the default
5 second timeout
* NDO/IDO MySQL backend: Now using mysqli PHP functions (Thanks to SteScho)
* NDO/IDO MySQL backend: Fixed compatibility with ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY MySQL
mode (Thanks to SteScho)
* FIX: Fixed wrong positioning of icon labels (regression since ~1.9b9)
* FIX: Fixed lines using ack_bgcolor (when configured)
* FIX: Fixed wrong visualization (hover text, line color) of acknowledged services
* FIX: Overview page: Fixed disappearing maps on state changes
* FIX: Sidebar menu: Deleted maps were still visible in sidebar
* FIX: Fixed broken error message in case of communication issue during updates
* CoreLogonMultisite: In case a user is already authenticated via the web
server, the authenticated user name is treated as authenticated, just
like when using LogonEnv. If no user is authenticated, the regular
Check_MK multisite login is done
* Added localization for Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) (Thanks to Kevin Jin!)
* FIX: Fixed removal of labels and hover menus right after editing objects
* FIX: Fixed repositioning of (line) labels on object updates
* FIX: Fixed broken worldmap (duplicate global section) after saving viewport
* FIX: Fixed "TypeError: this.objects[parentObjId] is undefined" issue on
worldmap when having long lines and zooming in a lot
* FIX: CoreAuthorisationModGroups - Logout of users is now possible
* FIX: Fixed missing context menu for stateless lines
* FIX: Fixed line actions in case of scrolled browser windows
* FIX: Closing eventual open context menu when dragging an object
* FIX: Gadgets can now be dragged again
* filter_by_state=1 can now be used with automaps using the NDO MySQL backend
* FIX: Fixed possible error "TypeError: this.objects[parentObjId] is undefined..."
* FIX: Fixed automap issue when object having redundant links
* FIX: Fixed broken left click URLs of objects after editing attributes
until next reload
* FIX: Fixed keeping lock state of objects after editing object attributes
* MK BI backend: Now prints an error message when trying to use it with
objects that are not aggregations.
* NDO MySQL backend: Filtering out legacy objects from DB (setting is_active filter)
* FIX: Updated php-gettext to 1.0.12 and commented out unused code because it contains
some exploitable PHP code which could be used to inject code using modified .mo files.
However, NagVis has never used these functions, so was never affected by this issue.
* FIX: Fixed error in ad-hoc automaps (Network Topology in Check_MK) during state updates
* FIX: Prevent JS/CSS caching issues during updates of NagVis
* FIX: Improved error handling in case of modifying objects which
backends report issues
* FIX: Improved error handling in case of missing backend configured
* FIX: Fixed keeping unlisted values of dropdowns (object names, backend_id)
* FIX: Cleaning up host/service attributes when changing the backend_id
* FIX: Fixed broken hover_delay (JS error when hovering an object)
* FIX: Multisite Snapin: Fixed wrong EDIT link
* FIX: Improved error handling in case of internal server error (500)
* FIX: The host and service downtime/acknowledgement URLs in context menu
can now be configured via main configuration
* FIX: Fixed error when searching for objects on non initialized automaps
* FIX: Fixed permanent error state showed by automap objects on worldmaps
* FIX: Fixed "function sidebarUpdatePosition is not defined" when header not shown
* FIX: The context menus can now be disabled again (e.g. using URL var context_menu=0)
* FIX: Fixed some compatibility issues with PHP 7. NagVis should work with it.
The NDOMySQL backend is known not to work with PHP 7. Use MKLivestatus instead.
* FIX: Fixed possible wrong scaling of icons when using NagVis zoom
* FIX: Fixed moving objects on zoomed maps
* FIX: Fixed line create indicator position on zoomed maps
* FIX: Labels of weathermap lines were rendered multiple times overlaying
eachother during state / perfdata changes
* FIX: Map permissions where mixed up (delete permissions was granted when
adding view permissions, ...)
* FIX: Added missing "modify map" menu for users with limited edit permissions
* FIX: Fixed broken add/modify page for users with limited edit permissions
* FIX: Template management: Fixed wrong options shown on result page after editing
* FIX: Fixed error with Icinga 2 when querying for not existant objects
(happened with default worldmap in previous versions)
* FIX: Livestatus backend is now returning correct host info for pending hosts
* FIX: Multisite Snapin: Fixed broken snapin contents
* FIX: Fixed the bandwith showing weathermap lines showing BW values again
* FIX: Fixed update of the hover menu child infos while a map is open
* FIX: Fixed broken header toggle icon on on-demand-automaps
* FIX: Fixed wrong scaling of object labels in IE
* FIX: Negative lat/long coordinates can now be configured
* Changed handling of deprecated map object attributes: They are silently
ignored by NagVis now. We inform users about deprecated (useless)
attributes in the ChangeLog and will mark old options in the documentation,
but the map loading will not be affected by the deprecated options anymore
* BI-Backend: Is now handling the acknowledgement and downtime infos of BI
* FIX: Fixed possible broken global section during editing of maps when an
object on the map got an object ID starting with "0e."
* FIX: Added proper error message when trying to use dynamic groups with NDO
MySQL backend (which does not support dynamic groups)
* FIX: Only reading map configuration files with lower ".cfg" suffix. Maps
having e.g. an upper case ".CFG" suffix caused problems in NagVis and
will not be read anymore. Please rename your map config files to match
the ".cfg" suffix.
* FIX: Fixed exception when filtering maps by non existant host groups. Now
the map is just left empty instead of raising an exception.
* FIX: Fixed JS error in case of re-rendering stateless objects
* FIX: Fixed JS error "yOffset is not defined" when rendering lines of type 14
* FIX: Fixed wrong label for inbound absolute traffic on lines of type 14
* FIX: Fixed issue "The attribute is unknown." when adding/editing objects
with PHP < 5.4
* FIX: NDO/IDO backend: Correctly excluding deprecated objects from hosts and
hostgroups (having is_active=0 set)
* Supporting some more older browsers. Very outdated browsers will get an
error message when they don't support essential features
* Multisite Snapin: Added link to overview page for creating / editing maps
* FIX: Fix Undefined variable: list when there is no map
* Improved error handling when creating geomaps but missing width or height
* Added missing option "prism" to overlap parameter
* FIX: Detecting and preventing loops in automap
(Fixes PHP error: Allowed memory size ... bytes exhausted)
* FIX: Improved handling of not existing objects when using Test backend
* Using color picker for color configuration in global settings
* Removed mostly useless "create background" form (you can use the background_color)
* Grouped permissions in role permissions config in tabbed navigation
* FIX: Fixed icon_size related PHP errors in some PHP versions (implode error)
* FIX: Fixed issue in backend management when adding/editing backends
* FIX: Fixed usability issues when selecting object names from name lists
while adding / editing objects
* FIX: Fixed js error when weathermap lines get no perfdata at all
* FIX: Fixed form submit confusions in role and user management dialogs
* FIX: Ignoring min_zoom/max_zoom when min_zoom equal or larger than max_zoom
* Added option only_permitted_objects to restrict the objects a user can see
to the objects which a user is a contact for. This feature is currently
used only with the livestatus backend. It's disabled by default to keep
the default behaviour of NagVis. Thanks to norbert for providing the patch!
* Stale object states have the same state weight as when they are not stale
now. In previous versions the stale states were treated as being "less"
worse, but this seem to be logically wrong to me. If you want the old
behaviour back, you might change the state weights in your main
* Deprecated unused config option header_fade / headerfade
* Removed unusued config option line_arrow from all objects
* Removed unused config option controls_size from main configuration
* Introduced new interactive worldmaps. You can use these maps to position
all kind of NagVis objects on a geographical maps where you can browse
interactively in (zooming, panning, ...)
* Reimplemented missing "filter_by_state" functionality
* Showing header menu on full page error messages to give the users the
option to navigate away from the error situation
* Header menu dropdown menus now open on click instead of hover which is
hopefully more user friendly as it is more unlikely to open/close the
menu unintended
* The sidebar is now toggled using a small control below the NagVis logo
* Reworked frontend dialogs to show form error messages directly in the dialog
instead of showing the old error popup window
* The map / object editing dialog is now using a tab navigation to reduce
the number of options shown at once for a more user friendly handling
* It's now possible to use the macro [obj_display_name] in child objects
in hover menus of hosts or any other objects having childs (Thanks to
Andreas Steinel)
* Dropped jsGraphics line rendering (browser needs to support canvas now)
for being able to use lines within NagVis
* Maps are not reloaded anymore when adding/editing objects. Only the
affected objects on the map are reloaded
* Overview: Broken map configs do not prevent to open the map anymore
* Lines: Are now rendered nicely on high resolution devices (e.g. 4k screens)
* Lines: Re-implemented borders round the lines for better visibility
* Lines: Removed line action areas (small dotted boxes). The line related
actions (hover, context, link) are now possible on the whole lines
* Removed need to confirm object deletion (you already need at least two clicks:
open the context menu, maybe unlock, and then click on delete)
* Adding/modifying map objects does not trigger map reload anymore. This makes
editing maps much more fun since you can do your work much faster! :-)
* Labels: When center/Bottom positioned labels are dragged, the resulting
coordinates will still be relative ones to the object coordinates
* Labels: When dragging relative positioned labels, the object is highlighted
* Showing hint about absolute/relative coords while dragging objects
* FIX: Stateless lines now handle line_color and line_color_border correctly
* FIX: Removed useless weathermap line type selections from stateless lines
* FIX: Fixed annoying browser warning message when reloading pages which
are shown up right after logging in to NagVis
* FIX: Fixed duplicate map config processing for rendering the header menu
* FIX: Fixed js error when moving an object out of the screen
* FIX: Template objects can now be used recursive
* FIX: Fixed missing Url/view/* permission. It was not possible to permit
non admin users to access external URLs in rotation pools without this
* FIX: Livestatus Backend: Fixed exception handling when fetching services
which are marked to be in a downtime, but the downtime defails can not
be fetched
* FIX: Fixed missing Action/perform/* permission for auth databases created
with NagVis versions newer than NagVis 1.7b3. All auth databases which
have been created before, have the Action/perform/* permission available.
It was not possible to permit user not having the */*/* permission to the
acknowledgement and custom actions via the context menu
* Multisite Snapin: Improved performance when a lot of users use the snapin.
The snapin contents were calculated on each access in the past. Now, the
snapin contents are cached for 15 seconds. This gives a good performance
boost when multiple users have use the snapin while having access to the
same set of maps.
* FIX: BI Backend: Fixed wrong summary state of aggregation objects when
not using the worst aggregation function. NagVis is now using the summary
state provided by the backend
* BI Backend: it's now possible to use URLs configured in object attributes
* FIX: Fixed error in example custom actions for RDP and SSH
* FIX: Fixed showing wrong options for [defaults] hoverchildssort global cfg
* FIX: Fixed error with Check_MK integration when user is not permitted to
write a WATO folder related map
* FIX: Fixed choosing services from test backends
* FIX: The pseudo map root node is also shown when another host is the root
* FIX: The pseudo map root node can be made root again by context menu
* FIX: Fixed setting too many view options when changing the root node
* FIX: Forcing IE to always use the last available engine
* FIX: Fixed dynmap_object_types exception after creating a dynmap
(the option is not declared as being mandatory anymore)
* FIX: Maps with source related problems (like geomaps without location file)
can now be deleted again using the map management dialog
* FIX: Don't raise whole page errors when fetching of container URLs failed
instead the javascript error message is shown in the container
* FIX: Fixed too many context actions showing up for non host objects
* FIX: Hiding eventual open color pickers on closing frontend windows
* FIX: It's possible to put javascript code in labels or textboxes again
* Improved handling of map config files without read permissions on overview
page and in header menu (such maps are simply hidden)
* NagiosBP-Backend: Fixed exception when component state is not known
* FIX: Map import: Added missing validation of map name format
* FIX: Hiding "loading..." animation when maps are disabled on overview page
* FIX: Fixed sorting of maps on overview page
* FIX: Fixed js exception "g_map_names" not defined when having
header_show_states set to disabled
* FIX: Fixed overlapping sub-hover menus for adding icons/lines
* It is now possible to configure external URLs within rotations in two types:
a) embed it directly on the page: [http://url...]
This is useful when including only snippets of HTML without own styles,
scripts etc.
b) show the URL within an iframe: [iframe:http://...]
This is useful when including a whole webpage with own styles and scripts
* FIX: Fixed form processing (e.g. user- and role management, pw change dialogs)
* FIX: Cached ajax queries last no longer than 30 seconds now
* All stateful objects can now be rendered as gadgets
(Although there is no gadget available yet which is useful for objects
which have no perfdata. But you can build one now)
* The option gadget_type is now deprecated as the type is automatically detected
* Gadgets can use object member states now
Gadgets are now called with mixed POST request where the GET vars used in previous
versions are still handed over to the gadgets per GET parameters to
maintain compatibility. More complex parameters are now given to the
gadget with POST vars. For example there is the POST var "members" now,
which provides information about the object members states.
(e.g. to be able to parse units like Kb/s, even when they are not allowed
according to nagios plugin guidelines)
* FIX: gadgets_core.php perfdata parsing allows "/" for perfdatas UOM now
* Huge update of GUI design for a more consistent look n feel
* Overview page uses whole page width (floating layout) for maps
* Deprecated "cellsperrow" configuration option in [index] section
* URLs of shape images can now be configured via configuration dialog
* Added std_table.php gadget which can render state tables for any stateful object type
(Thanks to Thibault Cohen for providing the idea and base code!)
* Usability fix: Header dropdowns now only close when clicking somewhere out
of the menu instead of hiding when moving the mouse out of the menu
* Reworked map management dialog for more comfortable form handling (errors, validation etc.)
* Map sources can now only be selected during map creation via GUI. When you like to
change map sources for an existing map, you will need to to it by modifying the
map configuration files directly. But this should be a very rare situation
* FIX: Fixed exception when trying to define Multiple/Other values for "sources"
* FIX: Fixed relative label positioning (center, bottom) on first page load sometimes wrong
* New backend: Check_MK Business Intelligence (mkbi) which can be used to
add Check_MK BI aggregations to your maps
(Configure this new backend, then add "Aggregation" objects to your maps)
* FIX: Livestatus: Fixed wrong state aggregation for dynamic service groups
* FIX: Changed sorting of maps in sidebare/header to ignore case of names (natural sorting)
* FIX: Fixed exception preventing editing the map options of geomaps
* FIX: Aliases were not processed for host- and servicegroups
* FIX: Fixed mixed up version number in 1.8rc1
* FIX: Fixed handling of multiple backends on one geomap
* FIX: Livestatus: Fixed wrong state aggregation for servicegroups
* FIX: Livestatus: Fixed check_command value of host/services
* Service-/Hosttags are shown in default hover template now (when available)
* Taggroups, values and their titles can now be used to be displayed in hover menu
(When using NagVis in an OMD environment together with Check_MK 1.2.5i6p4 or newer)
* Reworked main configuration editing dialog to be much more user friendly
* Consolidated styling of the popup dialogs
* FIX: Background images could not be deleted
* FIX: Natural sorting object names in add/modify dialog
* Highlighting the current map in sidebar and header dropdown menus
* FIX: The zoombar is now rendered below the header menu layer
* FIX: The line_arrow is now configured using a dropdown field
* Multisite Authorisation: It is now possible to specific manage map view/edit permissions
* Livestatus: Added missing space OutputFormat livestatus header (worked before, but was
implementing the livestatus protocol strictly not strict
* Livestatus: Using "name" column instead of "host_name" when querying the hosts table now
(Also worked as implemented before, but was using non documented livestatus behaviour)
* Now using line_color and line_width for connectors from map global definitions
* Now using label_(show|border|background|maxlen) definitions from map globals
* FIX: Removed useless "Make root" link for connector lines
* FIX: Removed map editing options from menus which make no sense
* FIX: Removed line_type option from map global definitions
* FIX: Removed map editing options from menus which make no sense
* FIX: Removed not working geomap types osmarender and cycle
* FIX: Removed global map parameter map_image. Technically it could be changed,
but seems a bit senseless for geomaps
(where the background is rendered automatically)
* FIX: Tried to fix geomap_zoom parameter, but does still not work with all zoom levels
* Geomaps support multiple backends as object source now
* Multisite snapin: Parent maps in tree mode can now be clicked to open the map
* Add support for secure and httponly cookies (sesscookiehttponly, sesscookiesecure)
(Thanks to for the patch)
* FIX: Fixed links of rotation steps (always linking to last step)
* FIX: Hiding empty "Action" header menu entry on overview page
* FIX: Trying to fix too long map list in dropdown menu (menu is scrollable now)
* FIX: Fixed small styling issues in header menu
* Dealing with the staleness value of hosts and services as a new sub-state
(like downtime / ack); The staleness marks the state of a host/service as outdated
* FIX: Deleting no longer required map permission entries (e.g. of maps deleted
by hand) before rendering the manage roles dialog
* FIX: Updating map permissions during renaming of maps (not renaming via CLI)
* Multisite snapin now transports downtime / acknowledgement information
* FIX: Custom context actions: Conditions, e.g. filtering by custom vars, did not work
* FIX: Fixed zoom of text in textbox objects in chrome
* FIX: Not altering relative object coordinates when zoom_scale_objects is
* FIX: Disabling save button during adding new objects to prevent double adding
* FIX: Roles can not be deleted when used by users
* FIX: Last assigned role can now be removed from a user
* FIX: Removed debug code which might prevent map rendering in some cases
* Added option "zoom_scale_objects" to default section of global config to
allow users to control the scaling behaviour of zoomed objects. By
default the whole maps is zoomed like in previous versions. But when
zoom_scale_objects is set to 0, the map objects and labels are not
resized, but only repositioned according to the given zoom factor.
* FIX: Fixed broken NagVis Multisite sidebar dashlet
* FIX: Fixed showing URLs as hover menus (hover_url option)
* FIX: Coord calculation - better validation in internal code
(Thanks to Daniel Albers for the patch)
* FIX: Add/Modify dialog: scroll to top of page on submission
* FIX: Add object: Stop adding an object when clicking on header menu
* FIX: center/bottom label positions now work with lines
* Allowing ~ chars in URLs now (Thanks to Daniel Albers for the patch)
* FIX: Fixed rare occuring encoding problems of vars in several places
* FIX: Fixed PHP error with map objects linking to not existing maps
* FIX: Trying to workaround broken processing of non UTF-8 pages in hover_urls
* FIX: Improved error handling in case of invalid webservice data
* FIX: Fixed warning icon of std_area iconset
* Processing Rotation/view/* permission when using Multisite authorisation
* FIX: Fixed PHP error when using status hosts in backends
* FIX: Encoding _origtarget URL parameter handed over to multisite now
* FIX: The NDO backend is now usable again with maps and automaps
(Just for the next stable release - on the later releases it will be dropped)
* FIX: The NagiosBP backend is now usable again
* FIX: Fixed host alias attribute in livestatus backend
* Dropped the merlinmy backend for the moment as it was not working for a
time. Please provide a fixed one if you like to see this working again
* FIX: Fixed PHP errors when acknowleding host/service problems
* FIX: Fixed missing values alias, display_name, address values in hover templates
* FIX: Installer uses /etc/apache2/conf-available instead of the old conf.d
directory for installing it's apache sample configuration. It is
currently not enabled by default. Use "a2enconf nagvis" to enable it.
* Changed internal structures to improve memory consumtion on large maps
* Added authorisation module based on the users contact group memberships
defined in the monitoring core
* It is now possible to merge states of host, hostgroup and servicegroup
objects with equal names from different backends. For example, this can
be used to create a single hostgroup object on a map which is populated
by different hostgroups from several monitoring instances. This is simply
configured by putting several backend ids to the backend_id parameter
(separated by ",").
* Added new object called "dynamic groups". Can only be used with livestatus
backend. It uses the configuration option object_filter to group a dynamic
list of services or hosts in a NagVis map object without having to define
it in the monitoring core.
* Added new map source "dynmap" which can be used to realize some sort of
dynamic maps. Those maps list several objects matching a given livestatus
filter on the map. In first instance it automatically gathers the list of
objects to add on this map and positions them in a grid on the map. The
user can then modify all the objects, for example change their options
like, positions and visualisation.
* Changed default http_timeout from 10 to 2 seconds
* Added new iconset std_area, which can be used to create maps which are
visible from a greater distance
* Added "on-demand-filter" header menu to support quick filter mechanism
for on demand automaps
* Host labels are now limited to 14 chars on automaps
* Again, trying to improve the default automap rendering
* All nodes with assigned childs in sidebar are now expandable. The state
is stored for each user individually.
* Changed map rendering on overview from a single bulk request to one
request per map.
* Added optional zoom bar and mousewheel zoom handlers (ALT + wheel move)
(Must be enabled with option "zoombar=1")
* Added new option multisite_snapin_layout to render the multisite snapin
in a "tree" instead of a "list"
* Summary states of maps can now be displayed in the sidebar menu (must be
enabled by setting header_show_states=1 in [defaults] section in global
* The "zoom" parameter can be configured to "fill" to make the view fill the
whole viewport of the browser
* FIX: Fixed centering of overview tables when opening the sidebar
* FIX: Fixed mouse pointer confusions when adding a new object and hovering
another menu which then shows up the hover menu
* FIX: Ajax request: Not setting headers which are usually set by the browser
* FIX: Fixed displaying default value in object / global attribute edit dialog
* FIX: Fixed dependent attribute update in case of "parent" toggle/untoggle
* Weathermap lines now deal with bit/byte values provided by Check_MKs
interface checks
* FIX: Fixed "TypeError: oLabel is null" on at least geomaps
* FIX: Fixed shape image displaying when using external URLS
* FIX: Hiding "Edit Map" link for "on demand" automaps
* FIX: Fixed "modify view" dialog for "on demand" automaps
* FIX: Fixed wrong viewport html header (Thanks to Carl Helmertz <>)
* Labels have now a white background to improve the text readability
* Labels should not overlap on automaps with many hosts anymore
* Slightly layout improvement of automaps in undirected mode
* FIX: Rendering lines on zoomed automaps correctly
* FIX: Fixed positions of labels on zoomed automaps
* Livestatus: Fixed handling of hosts/services without custom variables
* Added option to perform privilege switch to a user with less permissions
for viewing maps in the context of this user
* FIX: Fixed state weight definition parsing
* FIX: Fixed demo automap (missing programStart method in demo backend)
* FIX: Not adding textboxes to "to be updated list" anymore; This might have
lead to objects not being reloaded on maps with many texboxes
* FIX: More robust handling of broken/no perfdata handling in weathermap
lines of type -->BW+%-><-BW+%--
* FIX: Added missing program restarted check to invalidate chaches
* FIX: Not providing auth credentials in http requests to proxy when none set
* FIX: Fixed "Undefined index" error when changing backend_id of maps
* FIX: Fixed hiding of shapes during refresh (enable_refresh=1)
* Reverted change from 1.7.5 (Weathermap lines with byte/bit values in
labels should print human) which broke the handling for some plugins
* Implemented "on demand" maps. Maps which only need a basic configuration
of global parameters like automaps and geomaps can now be configured and
created on demand by URL parameters. This mode is reached by simply
calling the map URL without "show=" parameter and a bunch of parameters
for the global section of the map instead.
* Implemented center and bottom as label coordinate values which are
automatically calculated depending on the rendered sizes
* Changed default behaviour of the automap concerning the root host. By
default NagVis uses a virtual root node which represents the monitoring
core. It adds the parent tree and all nodes which have no parents defined
below this node. If no parents are configured, all hosts are rendered
below this virtual root node.
* Improved main configuration parsing code (should not mixup comments
and empty lines anymore)
* Added shinken business_impact filter to automaps (set shinken_features=1
in [global] section in main configuration to enable this feature)
Thanks to Thibault Cohen for the patch)
* Added support for custom context menu actions like connecting via
SSH, RDP, HTTP, ... to the monitored hosts.
* FIX: Removed debug output while recalculating bandwidth of weathermap lines
* FIX: Fixed height of iframes in Container objects
* Allowing rgba(255,255,255,0.6) like definitions in e.g. label_style
attributes in map configuration files
* Hiding all kind of javascript error messages automatically on next
successful processing
* IE below 9: Fixed invisible lines (z-index was not set)
* Weathermap lines with byte/bit values in labels should print human
readable traffic now
* Reimplemented ignore_hosts parameter (Thanks to Thibault Cohen)
* Extended logon module CoreLogonMultisite to support the
new cookie format of Check_MK 1.2.1i2 and newer
* Hiding HTTP status error messages automatically on next successful request
* Bugfix: Added missing lock/unlock line middle control to BW-lines
* Bugfix: Fixed "img" not defined js error in IE8 (Please note: Zoom
function does not work in IE8 - IE8 event handling seems to be broken)
* Bugfix: Fixed flickering hover menu on overview page when sidebar opened
* Bugfix: Fixed background positioning on browser zoomed maps
* Bugfix: Fixed javascript error when rotations are disabled
* Bugfix: Multisite module is catching single map errors now and show all
maps in the list regardless of the error. Maps with errors will be listed
as UNKNOWN (orange) in the multisite snapin
* New option source_type to configure a csv file or the used backend as
datasource. In backend mode, the backend used on the map must support
the new geomap functions (currently only livestatus backend). All hosts
to be shown need the custom variables _LAT and _LONG. The hosts can
optionally be filtered by hostgroups
* Bugfix: Always rounding calculated coordinates, fixed negative coords
* Bugfix: Also using source_file parameter for cache file names to prevent
problems with multiple geomaps
* Bugfix: Fixed problem in geomap exception handling
* Bugfix: Fixed invalid json output on uncached geomap rendering
* Livestatus-Backend: Using Columns header instead of the deprecated
StatsGroupBy header (maybe you need to update livestatus)
* Minor output improvements in installer scripts
* Hiding rotations table on overview page when no rotations configured
* Better handling of HTTP errors in ajax transactions
* Big performance improvment when rendering object in frontend after
adding the map zoom feature
* Bugfix: Re-added "loading..." message on page redering
* Bugfix: Only show enabled grid in "edit mode"
* Bugfix: Fixed status updates of objects on geomaps
* Multisite auth module: Removed deprecated permission
* Reimplemented automaps hostgroup filter
* Bugfix: TestBackend - Fixed parent processing
* Bugfix: Fixed parent processing in automap
* Improved object refreshing code to take always the oldest objects first
* Bugfix: Fixed broken rotation links on overview page
* Bugfix: Zoom code: Catching not handleable font-size declarations
* Bugfix: Fixed bandwidth calculations for bandwidth weathermap lines
* Check wether or not rsync is installed (terminating if not)
* Added new object type "container" to render a textbox like object which
fetches its contents from a configured URL. Take a look at the docs for
details. Thanks to Tiri GmbH ( for providing this feature.
* Localized some non localized strings like "more items..." in the hover menu
* Bugfix: Fixed javascript error in state change eventhandler on e.g. automaps
* Bugfix: Cloning of textbox objects is now possible again
* Bugfix: Don't try to flash deleted map objects during eventhandling
* Added new weathermap line type which shows only the used bandwidth in labels
* Bugfix: Geomaps use real generated object_ids instead of hostnames for transactions
(prevents problems with spaces in hostnames and so on)
* Bugfix: Allowing percentages above 999 in weathermap_line_colors option
* Bugfix: Geomap: Fixed validation problem when editin map global options
* Bugfix: Not showing "acknowledge" link when not permitted to perform this action
* Bugfix: Fixed hover menu positioning in scrolled maps
* Bugfix: Fixed hover menu positioning in IE
* Bugfix: Fixed automaps object_id persisting code
* Allowing empty lines in main configuration sections now
* Set default http_timeout value to 10
* Introduced different icons for different states in downtime/ack state
(All iconsets need to be reworked - take a look at the docs for a list of
needed icons if you use custom iconsets)
* Bugfix: Suppressing debug messages in non debug mode
* Bugfix: Better catching of exceptions on nested maps
* Bugfix: Map configs can be edited using the GUI even in case of source errors
* Bugfix: Fixed re-rendering of geomaps after map source changes
* Bugfix: Fixed re-fetching of background image after changed geomap source file
* Bugfix: Geomap allows placing only one host on the geomap now (Added geomap_border option)
* Bugfix: Fixed PHP error in multisite snapin code
* Added new map config option (global section) event_on_load to raise frontend events
also on page loading
* Added new options event_repeat_interval and event_repeat_duration to
configured repeated frontend events
* Added rotations to sidebar
* Info page shows json_encode/json_decode capability of used PHP
* Host/Service problems can now be acknowledged from host/service context menus
Options dialog_ack_sticky, dialog_ack_notify, dialog_ack_persist control
the preselected checkboxes in this dialog
* Bugfix: When releasing relative coordinates the parent object is not highlighted anymore
* Bugfix: Fixed bug which suppressed the hover menu on overview page in some cases
* Bugfix: Fixed some IE css warning message
* Bugfix: Fixed icons not being displayed in IE (version 9 in this case)
* Bugfix: Fixed rendering errors in IE (below version 9)
* Bugfix: Fixed zoom function problem in Chrome
* Bugfix: Fixed PHP error when rendering "General Configuration" dialog in some PHP versions
* Moved javascript compress code to make it available in omd_install script
* Checking conf.d directory modification time to detect removed config files
to be able to delete the config cache in this case
* Multisite auth: Don't redirect the browser on ajax calls
* Bugfix: Fixed pre-selected values in map options modify dialog
* Automatically removing showautomaps option from nagvis.ini.php during update
* Introducing the "map source" feature. Take a look at the docs for details
* Implemented geomaps using the new "map source" feature based on an Open
Street Map static map API
* Removed the special map type "automap". The automaps have been replaced by
regular maps which use the "automap" source.
Migration Notes: We do not migrate the automap config files automatically.
if you like to have them migrated please move the files from etc/automaps
to etc/maps and add the parameter 'source="automap"' to the global section.
* Added new render mode "undirected3" which uses the sfdp binary of graphviz
(Thanks to Pedro)
* Added new rankdir and overlap options (Thanks to Pedro)
* Added zoom function in frontend. It can be controlled using the view
option "zoom". It is possible to edit zoomed maps but recommended to edit
maps with zoom set to 100.
* Improved scrolling eventhandler
* Bugfix: Fixed page/background scaling on open sidebar menu
* Added parameter geomap_zoom (Geomap zoom is not given as percentage zoom
* Added main config option geomap_server to configure the url to the mapping
webservice (Default is now
* Default geomap type is now Mapnik (Had problems in the past with others)
* Bugfix: Fixed JS error in template object management dialog
* Added updated french language files (Thanks to Nicolas Chancereul!)
* Installer: Fixed sqlite3 package test on debian systems
* Line weathermaps colors definition can now be set as float values
(Thanks to Ormi for the patch!)
* Bugfix: Made shortly introduced recoding of map config files optional
* Bugfix: Fixed stuck icon update on overview page
* Added line_weather_colors option to nagvis.ini.php [defaults] section
* Bugfix: Fixed wrong variable in MySQL connect error handler
* Bugfix: Fixed bug in 1.6.1 auth db update scripts
* Bugfix: Added missing permission for the Url module which is used when
having URLs in rotations
* Bugfix: Fixed exclude_member_states for map objects
* Bugfix: ISO-8859-1 encoded map config files are now converted to UTf-8
during parsing the map config file
* Made hover menus work on stateless lines (Thanks to Oliver Graf)
* Bugfix: Fixed cloning shape objects (view_type error message)
* Bugfix: Stateless lines - only showing the hover area when it is needed
* Bugfix: Fixed dragging of relative labels of relative objects
* Bugfix: Fixed javascript error when switching pages while an ajax call is
being processed
* Made template objects work again. Added doc note which does not recommend
usage of templates and the webbased editor at the same time.
* Livestatus Backend: Added 'timeout' parameter to be able to configure the
socket timeout while connecting to the livestatus socket
* Livestatus Backend: Only try to connect to livestatus once per page load
* Bugfix: Fixed wrong computed shape urls which broke all shapes
* Added new iconset std_dot
* The label_show parameter can now be configured for the whole installation
in the [defaults] section of the main configuration
* The audit.log is disabled by default now (can be enabled using the
audit_log parameter in [global] section)
* Bugfix: Fixed problem with not real asynchronous ajax calls caused by
locking PHP sessions
* Bugfix: Fixed update of states on overview page
* NDO Backend: Removed query debug outputs
* Added new parameter "margin" to control the offset of the automap to the
edge of the map
* Recoded all automap parameters. All camel case options have been changed
to underscore separated vars (e.g. childLayers -> child_layers). These
options are now available in the global section of the automaps.
* Removed default_params option from global sections. Use the regular
options in global section to define default options.
* The option of adding a __dummy__ host to the automap configurations has
been removed. It is not supported anymore.
* Weathermap line color definitions support usage values above 100% and below 0%
* Better error handling during coord parsing
* Reduced ajax calls during regular map updating
* Switched ajax calls during view rendering to be asynchronous (Prevents
locked up browsers during ajax calls)
* Suppressing transfer of non set attributes during ajax calls
* Bugfix: Always remove the last frontend error message when clicking "close"
* Bugfix: Made upper/lower case rotation_id/backend_id definitions possible
* Added ; and | to allowed signs for urls
* Undefined backend in single objects does not prevent whole map loading anymore
* Overview page: Better handling of invalid map configuration files
* Multisite auth: Redirecting to login page when auth.secret does not exist
* Made default gadgets aware of OMD default and local path handling
* Showing dummy shape image when configured shape does not exist
* Added the color picker to background image creation form
* Bugfix: Non user-configured (-> conf.d) backends can be configured as
default backends using the web GUI; Non user-configurex: Non
can not be edited using the web GUI
* Bugfix: Preventing loops in relative coords
* Bugfix: Preventing JS error when trying to position objects relative but
no target object can be found
* Bugfix: Fixed file upload input field styling issues (at least in Firefox)
* Bugfix: Removed backendtype fields from "Manage Backends" dialog forms
* Bugfix: Fixed problem with the hover menu when using the hover_delay parameter
* Handling centron style host links during automap parsing (host_name=)
* Bugfix: Added missing view_type=line parameter to automap exported maps
* Bugfix: filterByState was always enabled after modifying the automap
parameters via web form
* Switched CRITICAL and UNREACHABLE state weights. CRITICAL now overlaps the
* Changed multisite authorization module to new WATO auth export API (Needs
at least Check_MK 1.1.13i2)
* Bugfix: Fixed problem with form based login when opened via link from another webpage
* LogonDialog: Changed _origin parameter to _origtarget to support current multisite
* Added nagvis-make-admin helper script to assign the Administrators role to the
given user using the command line. This script might help when the admin lost
its permissions.
* NagVis creates now "omdadmin" user in OMD environments when creating new auth.db files
* Bugfix: Added missing default permissions for guest role (viewing demo maps)
* Bugfix: Fixed version number format for stable versions like (1.6)
* Ajax call for redrawing map objects is not cacheable anymore (prevent strange
hopping of icons after unlock -> edit -> lock in some cases.
* Context menu: Small spacer row styling (preventing hover effect)
* Add the language to the target url when the user requested a specific language
* Implented conf.d/ directory to have an optional modular main configuration
* deals now correctly with new conf.d directory
* Improved the installer a bit: Better directory detections; Less questions
during update
* Removed all old demo maps and created new ones using an the internal test
backend to be able to show a bit more details.
* Using [service_description] as default value for label_text attribute
* Using z=5 for textboxes and z=1 for shapes again as default values
* Added new config option line_label_y_offset to configure the label offset
used in weathermap lines which show percentage and absolute bandwidth labels
* Added new LogonMultisite module to use the new Check_MK multisite auth cookie
* Recoded logon and authentication module interface
* Several code cleanups
* Made view templates configurable (defaults / view_template)
* Bugfix: Correctly adding object_id=0 to global section when creating maps
* Bugfix: Adding map/automap type to cache files to prevent confilcts with
equal map and automap names
* Sorting maps by alias in header menu now
* Added map name dropdown to parent_map option when editing global map
* iconset option is now optional when creating maps using the GUI
* Reimplemented the "clone object" functionality in edit mode
* Only show the edit links in context menu when permitted to edit the map
* long text values with no spaces do not stretch the add/modify dialog anymore
* Ignoring right clicks and clicks on the header menu when currently adding
an object to the map
* Bugfix: Not adding default_params parameter to all maps after editing the
global map configuration using the web frontend
* Bugfix: Don't enable map_image when not set when editing the global
sections of maps
* Bugfix: Removing just dragged new lines before opening the add/modify dialog
* Bugfix: Not terminating map rename when one map contains a syntax error
* Finally removed the deprecated option maxLayers. Use childLayers instead.
* Bugfix: Fixed inclusion problem of default settings in some rare cases
* Added workaround for the annoying PHP warning which occurs on some systems:
It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings
* Bugfix: Fixed problem with some PHP 5.1.2 installations while reading the
map configuration files
* Switched mod_rewrite redirects of index pages to php redirect scripts
* Recoded editing features to be available via context menu of the icons.
Removed object controls for moving/editing objects
* Added a colorpicker for the color selection fileds in add/modify dialog
* Bugfix: Fixed handling of enableHover/enableContext URL options
* Bugfix: Fixed object link follow after moving object in edit mode when using IE<8
* Bugfix: Fixed javascript several onload javascript errors when using IE<8
* Bugfix: Fixed add/modify dialog styling in IE/Chrome
* Bugfix: Fixed dragging relative positioned lines
* Improved coord parsing code to make it graphviz-2.6-22.2 compatible
* Bugfix: Fixed automap alias on overview page and in lists
* Bugfix: Fixed problem in summary state detection of downtime (resulted
e.g. in wrong icons)
* Bugfix: Installing offline docs correctly again
* Bugfix: Fixed problem when editing the main configuration file
* Bugfix: Fixed HTTP redirects in installations using
* Bugfix: Removed session cookie domain by default
* Bugfix: Installer: Fixed problems copying files with spaces in names during update
* Bugfix: SQLite Auth DB: Fixed missing permissions for User/setOption
* Bugfix: Fixed missing 'url' attributes for map and servicegroup objects
* Added NagiosBP backend to connect directly to NagiosBP using the JSON API
Thanks to Bacher Systems ( for providing this backend.
* Bugfix: Added missing list code for header templates (map global section editing)
* Bugfix: Don't hide dependent fiels where the master attribute is not available
* Bugfix: Fixed map global section editing
* Bugfix: IE8 fixing event registration (javascript errors on page loading)
* Updating map object information while having the hover menu open does not close
open hover menus anymore
* Bugfix: Fixed SQL syntax error in MySQL auth backend
* Bugfix: Fixed login problems in opera (Not setting auth cookie when
using ip addresses as host address
* Removed option "-B" from installer, it is not needed anymore
* Installer skips .gitignore files during installation now
* Added exclude_members and exclude_member_states options to stateful
objects for excluding specific member objects completely or only during summary
state calculations.
* Several code cleanups
* Cleanup: Consolidated code of main handlers ajax_handler and frontend index
* Cleanup: Recoded message class calls to exceptions
* can now be called from other directories
* Allowing more unicode signs in e.g. map aliases
* Added new icon *_unreachable icon to represent the UNREACHABLE host state
* Backends can now override the NagVis summary_output/summary_state algorithms
to provide their own custom information
* Internal cleanup in map configuration attribute definitions
* Bugfix: Fixed several umlauts in edit mode warning messages
* Bugfix: Fixed 100% sidebar height
* Bugfix: Fixed initial positioning of relative positioned gadgets
* Bugfix: Fixed dragging handling of relative positioned gadgets
* Bugfix: Fixed backendid showing up in host_name field of add/modify dialog
in some rare cases
* Bugfix: Object positions can never be floats (always integers)
* Bugfix: Fixed wrong positions of controls during page load (at least in firefox)
* Bugfix: Registering drag stop event globally to prevent dragging problems
on slower clients
* Bugfix: Fixed javascript error "Error: attempt to run compile-and-go script on a cleared scope"
after changed main configuration file in FF4
* Bugfix: Fixed hanging controls/labels when dragging objects out of screen
* Bugfix: It is now possible to unset backend attributes using the "Edit backend" dialog
* Bugfix: It is now possible to choose none as map_image in map options to
disable the background image
* Bugfix: std_speedometer.php fixed min/max handling (Thanks to foxkilo)
* Bugfix: Fixed broken URL handling in e.g. rotation pools
* Bugfix: Fixed styling of maps with config errors in sidebar
* Bugfix: Fixed X coords when adding new objects with opened sidebar menu
* Bugfix: Fixed automap links in header dropdown
* Readded the "edit" action to the maps module. In this mode all object are
automatically unlocked and changes to the lock state are not persisted
* Also disabling the object left click actions in unlocked mode
* Icon/Gadget/Shape/Textbox dragging is done by dragging the real icons
again, like it was in WUI before. The drag controls for these objects has been removed.
* Sorting maps on overview page and in multisite snapin by aliases
* Readded the "edit" action to the maps module. In this mode all object are
automatically unlocked and changes to the lock state are not persisted
* Also disabling the object left click actions in unlocked mode
* Icon/Gadget/Shape/Textbox dragging is done by dragging the real icons
again, like it was in WUI before. The drag controls for these objects has been removed.
* Added [alias] macro to context menus
* Header menu handles map parent/child relations correctly
* Recoded the add/modify dialog to add/edit map objects
* Merged frontendEventlog.css into template css file
* Reduced HTTP requests during initial page loading
* Updating the editing grid when resizing the browser window
* Bugfix: Made the problem automap work again
* Frontend hides ajax/json errors now after first successfull action of that
* Header menu does not wrap anymore on small browser windows
* Bugfix: Fixed background image positioning with enabled sidebar and small screens
* Bugfix: Fixed coloring of two part lines in IE
* Bugfix: Fixed drawing of second part in two part lines in IE
* Bugfix: Preventing text selections while dragging objects in IE
* Bugfix: Fixed undefied var error when having no maps and displaying the overview page
* Bugfix: Fixed problem with rotation links in header menu with IE8
* Bugfix: A lot of links were not working in IE caused by a broken event handler
* Bugfix: Preventing JS errors when dragging objects out of screen
* omd_install: Installing missing doc/ dir now; Cleaning cache files on install
* Checking read permissions before reading directory contents
* Main Config: [paths] "gadget, icon, shape, map" internal options are now
deprecated and have been renamed to "gadgets, icons, shapes, backgrounds".
* Bugfix: Added backgrounds/styles [paths] options to main cfg definitions
* Bugfix: Fixed comment line mixup in main config when using multiple
config files
* Bugfix: Not storing config options from other config files like the OMD
site config in nagvis.ini.php anymore
* Improved coordinate parsing regex to match graphviz output of more versions
* Commented out __dummy__ host in sample automap config to prevent
confusions with the automaps host urls
* Added to install NagVis to the local/ path of OMD sites
* Main Config: [paths] "wuijs" and "htmlwuijs" are now deprecated
* Bugfix: MKivestatus backend does correct type casting to integers for stats now
* Bugfix: NDO Backend: Fixed wrong SQL syntax in getHostState function
* Bugfix: NDO Backend: Fixed wrong hard state handling
* Bugfix: Fixed redirects after map add/rename/delete
* Bugfix: NDO backend does correct type casting to integers for stats now (Thanks to Oliver Graf)
* Bugfix: Fixed false CRITICAL states when using NDO Backend (Thanks to Oliver Graf)
* Bugfix: Added missing permissions for User/setOption
* Bugfix: Fixed javascript error "getSidebarWidth() not definied" when header menu is disable by config
* Added new context menu action "make root" to automap nodes to change the
root of the automap on-the-fly (Thanks to Oliver Graf)
* Bugfix: Fixed parent calculation in automap (Thanks to Oliver Graf)
* Bugfix: Automap could not be used in IE due to javascript error
* Labels of objects can now be moved again; The edit mode is affected by the objects lock/unlock state
* Labels of lines with line_type=14 have more offset now to look better when using horizontal lines
* While objects are unlocked the hover menus are disabled
* Controls are now resizable using the config option controls_size in [global] section in nagvis.ini.php
* Documentation link in header menu only points to available docs. Fallback is en_US
* Bugfix: Added missing controls to services which are displayed as gadgets
* Bugfix: Fixed parsing of label_type=14 lines (Thanks to Laurent Lebatard)
* Bugfix: Label positioning in case of weathermap lines (Thanks to Laurent Lebatard)
* Bugfix: Fixed empty warning popups in map management dialogs
* Bugfix: Fixed color selection of weathermap lines (Thanks to Laurent Lebatard)
* Default admin credentials for inital auth databases are now: User: admin Password: admin
Admin credentials in existing auth databases are not changed.
* Added user/role profile config files located in nagvis/etc/profiles/(user|role).profile
The profile files can contain user/role specific options like languages and so on
* The language of a user is stored in the profile file now
* The eventlog hide state is stored in the profile file now and used when the eventlog is enabled for a map
* Added new options {file_group} and {file_mode} to global section of nagvis.ini.php.
These options are used whenever a file is written by NagVis
* Livestatus backend: Better error handling when writing to livestatus socket
* Lines can have three coords now to reposition the middle of lines having
two arrows
* Better handling for map config errors on overview page and map links -
no whole screen errors anymore
* The check_command parameter is available in NagVis now. NDO and
MKLivestatus backends fetch this info from the datasources now
* Hostgroup and Servicegroup aliases work again now. It might be neccessary
to update livestatus to the newest 1.1.9i* version.
* All map objects need to have an object id which needs to be unique on
each map. All map objects which have no object id defined will ge one
created. This makes migration easier.
* Catching ps_files_cleanup_dir error message (strange error debian/ubuntu)
* Changed PENDING state for host objects to UNCHECKED; This was needed to
prevent mixups with service and host objects
* Fixed inconsistence with iconsets when refreshing overview maps/automaps
* Cleaned up session auth code (Moved session module code to auth handler)
* Bugfix: The installer overwrites the default iconset files on upgrade as expected
* Added mechanism to search userfiles in independent structures. This allows
usage of the local/ structure in OMD
* Bugfix: Fixed section merging in main config when using more than one config file
* Using configured permissions on uploaded files (backgrounds, shapes, maps) now
* Gadgets: Added gadget_type option which can now be img/html. The value
defaults to img which is the default behaviour for all existing gadgets. The
html mode assumes that the gadget does not render images as classic gadgets
but renders HTML code
* Changed redirect scripts index.php/config.php to ignore hosts/ports/proto
just care about the paths - should be more robust
* Made automap coord parsing regex resistent against html entities in the URL
* Automap params changed via GUI can be made permanent now
* The x/y coords don't need to be set as dummy values in automap configs anymore
Backend: Livestatus
* Bugfix: PHP error when trying to write to socket while the remote host is not
* Completely removed the WUI and merged the functionality into the regular frontend.
You can now "lock/unlock" all objects for editing using the "Edit Map" menu.
* Added new sidebar for better navigation. It can be opened by clicking on
the "Open" label in the header menu. The state of the sidebar and the
single nodes is stored in user specific profile files
* Added new parameter {parent_map} to map/automap global sections which is
used in header/sidebar menus to draw a map hierarchy
* Colors and ranges of weathermap lines are now customizable using the
object configuration option line_weather_colors
* Fixed wrong label for MBit/s in weathermap bandwidth display
* It is now possible to lock/unlock objects in regular frontend (with the
necessary permissions)
* Lines can now be repositioned by dragging the ends using the anchors in unlocked mode
in regular frontend
* The Line middle position can now be edited using the frontend for lines with two line parts
* Added password reset form to user management dialog
* Reduced ajax calls on map/automap/overview page load
* Several code cleanups; Reduced duplicate code
* Made background color in frontend configurable now
* The header menu has a minimal width now to prevent broken header menu on small screens
* The header menu is now positioned to be shown on the screen all the time
* Recoded the header menu submenu code (simplified the HTML and JS code)
* Added buttons to show/hide the header menu (state saved per user)
* Added new option: event_log_events to define the number of events in the eventlog scrollback
* Bugfix: Fixed php error when using custom css files in maps
* Bugfix: Fixed css notices in firefox caused by invalid statements
(transparency in IE, invalid width values for lines)