forked from Cervator/Terasology

Terasology is an open source project started by Benjamin "begla" Glatzel to research procedural terrain generation and efficient rendering techniques in Java using the LWJGL. The engine uses a block-based voxel-like approach as seen in Minecraft. After proving itself as a solid tech demo begla was joined at first by Anton "small-jeeper" Kireev a…

Updated Apr 13, 2016

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forked from Terasology/Pathfinding

A pathfinding module mainly meant as a library/framework for other modules

Updated Feb 28, 2016


forked from Terasology/Index

An index repository for modules

Updated Dec 31, 2015

Java 0 0


Updated Dec 24, 2015

Java 0 4


forked from Terasology/MultiBlock

Multi block multi block!

Updated Dec 24, 2015

Java 0 2


forked from Terasology/AnotherWorldPlants

Farming and tree growth for AnotherWorld

Updated Jul 29, 2015


forked from Terasology/StructuralResources

Various structural resources like block shapes for buildings.

Updated Jun 28, 2015

Java 0 5


forked from Terasology/NameGenerator

This module adds name generators.

Updated Jun 28, 2015

Java 0 3


forked from Terasology/MarkovChains

Library module for the production of pseudo-random sequences.

Updated Jun 28, 2015

Java 0 5


forked from Terasology/PlantPack

A collection of trees and plants

Updated Mar 29, 2015


forked from Terasology/WoodAndStone

Primitive tool making

Updated Mar 29, 2015

Java 0 5


forked from Terasology/GrowingFlora

Organically growing plants and trees (step-by-step growth over time)

Updated Mar 29, 2015

Java 0 3


forked from Terasology/CopperAndBronze

So much fancier than Wood and Stone! And shiny

Updated Mar 29, 2015

Java 0 6


forked from Terasology/AnotherWorld

Alternative world generator

Updated Mar 29, 2015

Java 0 4


forked from Terasology/Fences

A module adding fence blocks

Updated Mar 29, 2015

Java 0 2


forked from Terasology/Fluid

Fluids, as opposed to liquids, relate mainly to the storage and manipulation of substances that "flow" (which can even be gas) - at least in our definition of game terms where liquids would be more for natural water, lava, and similar larger scale systems. In other words this is not meant as a water simulation type module.

Updated Mar 27, 2015

Java 0 1


forked from Terasology/Hunger

Hunger, Thirst and Food!

Updated Mar 22, 2015

Java 0 2


forked from Terasology/Workstation

A module for generic workstation support

Updated Mar 22, 2015

Java 0 4


forked from Terasology/Seasons

Add seasons to Terasology

Updated Mar 22, 2015

Java 0 1


forked from Terasology/Journal

A journal!

Updated Mar 22, 2015