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The Terasology project was born from a Minecraft-inspired tech demo and is becoming a stable platform for various types of gameplay settings in a voxel world.

The creators and maintainers are a diverse mix of software developers, designers, game testers, graphic artists, and musicians. We encourage others to join!

Terasology is fully open source and licensed Apache 2.0 for code and CC BY 4.0 for artwork (unless indicated otherwise - see credits for minor exceptions)

We encourage contributions from anybody and try to keep a warm and friendly community and maintain a code of conduct



Terasology requires Java 8 - download it here. Also make sure that your graphics card driver is up to date.

For easy setup (recommended) you can use our launcher - download it here

Direct download stable builds are uploaded to our release section here on GitHub while the cutting-edge develop version can be downloaded direct here from our Jenkins

For more information about playing like hot keys or server hosting see the dedicated page or check out the modules


We have gone to great lengths to make developing and modding Terasology as easy as possible. We use Gradle to automate just about everything. As long as you have a Java 8 SDK running from source is a two step process:

  • Clone the code or download a zip
  • Run gradlew game (on Unixes, including macOS, run ./gradlew everywhere you see gradlew) in the root of the project directory

That's really it! If you want the project set up in IntelliJ (our favored IDE) you run gradlew idea then load the generated project config. Then you get a bunch of run configurations and other stuff for free!

For more on developing/modding see the wiki