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===== Karyon 2.0 is no longer supported. We are in the process of retiring Karyon in favor of using Governator for bootstrapping and OSS components with -guice or -governator subprojects.


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Karyon in the context of molecular biology is essentially "a part of the cell containing DNA and RNA and responsible for growth and reproduction."

At Netflix, Karyon is a framework and library that essentially contains the blueprint of what it means to implement a cloud ready web service. All the other fine grained web services and applications that form our SOA graph can essentially be thought as being cloned from this basic blueprint.

Karyon can be thought of as a nucleus that contains the following main ingredients.

  • Bootstrapping , dependency and Lifecycle Management (via Governator)
  • Runtime Insights and Diagnostics (via karyon-admin-web module)
  • Configuration Management (via Archaius)
  • Service discovery (via Eureka)
  • Powerful transport module (via RxNetty)

Getting Started

Easiest way to get started with karyon is to see the examples provided with karyon under karyon-examples module.


Please see [wiki] ( for detailed documentation.

Have a question?

We have a discussion group for karyon users (i.e. you!) here:!forum/karyon-users