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@NeverSinkDev NeverSinkDev released this Jul 2, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

  • Retiered uniques

  • Added better treatment for league-drop items to the tiering algorithm

  • Retiered Divination Cards

  • Added slightly better treatment for farmable low value currency cards to the tiering algorithm

  • Retiered Fossils

  • Retiered Shaper/Elder bases

  • Retiered Unique Maps

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  • Improved the tiering of certain multibase uniques (lion's roar, devoto's, divinarius etc.)

  • Added Timeless Jewel to T1 unique bases

  • Retiered T1 and T2 rare weapons

  • Added T2 incubators

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NeverSink's itemfilter - version 7.1.1 - Legion Economy Update + Optimizations

  • Retiered Uniques (62 changes)

  • Retiered Divination cards (84 changes)

  • Retiered Fossils (10 changes)

  • Retiered Shaper/Elder bases (600+ changes)

  • Retiered Unique Maps (5 changes)

  • Added a small tierlist for Incubators (3 incubators moved to T1)

  • Added the new T0 cold affix to the identified items tierlist

  • Added exceptions for Flesh and Stone, Blood and Sand and Brand Recall gems, since they have only 6 levels

  • Added special tiers for level 21+ 21+q gems and for level 21+ vaal gems

  • Moved rare "Dragonscale Boots" to T1

  • Minor fixes and improvements

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Changed version name and minor improvements

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NeverSink's itemfilter - version 7.1.0 - Legion Update, Tiering Strategy Changes, Leveling improvements

  • Significantly improved internal tiering mechanics. This is a large scale change, that will help delivering higher quality and faster filters in this and future updates

  • Added the new top tier element damage mods to the filter identified item filtering rules. I've left both old T1 and T2 in for now. (NOTE: Only fire/lightning, because Ice mod syntax is unclear, gonna be added soon)

  • Emblems added - share appearance with fragments

  • Leveling rare highlighting changed - on-level-decent rare weapons have red borders, bows green, caster equipment blue - this feature is not super polished, but it should help finding your rares in this strangeish meta of everything-works

  • Added a special tier for uniques that have been "legionized". they have a slightly purplish background. Most of them are likely stil bad, but keep your eyes out for cool new mods

  • Splinters (legion) added - they have the same apperance as breach splinters

  • Incubators added - for now no tierlist, they have the sextant appearance, gonna adjust as soon as more info is available

  • Retiered crafting bases for legion (more life, attack focus, less es, caster)

  • Retiered rare bases for legion (more life, attack focus, less es, caster)

  • Chain belt went a tier down on the rare trinket tierlist

  • Chancing bases changed. The new tierlist is ( "Glorious Plate" "Sadist Garb" "Sapphire Flask" "Varnished Coat" "Full Wyrmscale" "Granite Flask" )

  • Retiered rares - more life bases, slightly less es, more melee bases

  • Slightly increased highlights for

  • Add new divination cards

  • Add meta-changed uniques

  • Retier uniques (Meta bases)

  • Retiered everything else

  • Minor architecture improvements

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  • The Soul moved to T3

  • Disabled Leather Belts from chancing (no nemesis league = No HH)

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  • Adjusted all uniques, divination cards, fossils, unique maps tierlists

  • Further improvements towards Shaper/Elder tierlists

  • Added 5 extra strictnesses. These strictnesses are designed for the console version of PoE and are basically high level strictnesses, that show more currency. You can find these strictnesses on my GitHub.

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@NeverSinkDev NeverSinkDev released this Apr 29, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

  • Tierlists adjusted further

  • Fixed a vaal greaves being T2 and goliath greaves being T1

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The filter is now generated using a new tool, I've written that over the past monthes (FilterPolishZ). This tool allows me to do some new things and to do a lot of old things way faster. Shoutout to /u/tobnac for teaming up!

  • [IMPORTANT!] The new FilterPolishZ tool was used to retier: all Uniques, Divination Cards, Fossils, Shaper-bases, Elder-bases. The process and results are currently supervised and double-checked by me, relies on several data enrichment algorithms and special aspect tables. This process will be used in the future to auto-update the filter.

  • [IMPORTANT!] The filter now hides a large list of unique items on uber+ strict. If you're running this strictness. It's HIGHLY recommended to update your filter regulary (good idea anyway) and double-check on filterblade. Please note that this list has been designed based on the Softcore League Economy.

  • [IMPORTANT!] The list of T5/hideable divination cards has been vastly expanded

  • [IMPORTANT!] Designed a new and fairly complex section for synthesis highlighting. Note that this is far from perfect, but filter can't help that much here, since one can't say what and how many fractured mods an item possesses. The colors will be finetuned in the next update (next update is style-focused)

  • [IMPORTANT!] Augmentation Orbs have been moved up to the Transmutation/Blacksmith tiering

  • [IMPORTANT!] The Transmutation/Blacksmith/Augmentation tier is now hidden on very strict (instead of uber strict)

  • [IMPORTANT!] Portal Scrolls are now hidden on strict. This change is experimental. I'll reverse it, if the feedback will be very strict (pun intended)

  • [IMPORTANT!] T1 rares no longer contain any large items (2x3/2x4) and are more exclusive in general. Non-Jewellery-T1 rares now mostly focus on boots/small shields/gloves/helmets. All items removed from T1 have been moved to T2. Only one exception: Vaal Regalias

  • [IMPORTANT!] 5Link WEAPONS (non unique etc.) in the endgame no longer get any highlight on Strict and above.

  • Added a more sophisticated section and a special highlight for stacked (lower) currencies.

  • Normal Fractured Items no longer have a dropsound (they still have the icon). Only certain fractured bases of interest now have sounds

  • Small perandus coin stacks (<4) are now only hidden on Uber Strict and up.

  • Moonstone rings and Chain Belts are no longer treated as T2 jewellery bases.

  • Gold Rings and Gold Amulets are now T2 jewellery bases.

  • 5Links ARMOURS in the endgame no longer produce sounds on Very Strict and are disabled on Uber Strict

  • 29-30% quality natural drop items are no longer highlighter on very strict and no longer have priority over veiled and fractured drops.

  • 5L and 6S highlight fractured/veiled items are now highlighted correctly.

  • Non-Rare "Default" (non-shaper/elder/fractured...) crafting bases are now filtered in a more strict way.

  • Rare/Non-Rare Default Crafting bases have more ES focus

  • Architecture improvements

Assets 2
  • Retiered uniques. Several changes ahve been done due to the massive economy changes.

  • Retiered divination cards. The 2 new divination cards have been moved to T4-Economy (Boon of Justice) and T5 (Golden Era, feel free to correct me on this one, but I doubt it'll be popular).

  • Completely retiered all Shaper/Elder bases. The retiering has been done using the same algorithm that I've used in betrayal and the initial results look very promission to providing a long term solution for auto-tiering.

  • Retiered Fossils a bit

  • Retiered prophecies a bit

  • Adjusted T1/T2 rare bases, there's more focus on ES bases now.

  • Adjusted ilvl86 bases. There's more focus on ES bases now.

  • Adjusted Fractured item highlight a bit.

  • Minor adjustments to other tierlists.

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