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  • Intentionally did NOT adjust anything for the expedition currencies and rare runic items, until the meta has settled
  • Readded thrusting swords
  • Disabled early league mode
  • Retiered everything once again.
  • Added propper tiering to new divination cards
  • Added runic uniques to the tierlists (previously were appearing in the "unknown unique color")
  • Added abyss jewels to the jewel tier
  • Fixed rustic sash appearance while leveling on azurite style
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NeverSink's itemfilter - version 8.2.0 - Expedition League

  • Added the Crimson style! Azurite style is available as well!
  • Retiered all sections!
  • Added new expedition artefacts, reroll currencies
  • Added new Runic items
  • Added logbooks
  • Added new flasks
  • Added other new items, such as flask orbs
  • Readjusted rare and crafting base tiering
  • Readjusted the currency tiering algorithm.
  • The chaos currency tier requires a higher threshhold for items to get tiered into it (0.5c->0.7c)
  • The "annul" currency tier requires a higher threshhold (1.5c->3c)
  • Overhauled the way the filter tiers unique items. The boss-tier requires at least one unique in the basetype-group to be somewhat expensive. The T3 tier is slightly more exclusive. The multi-group tier is more intelligent, when detecting worthwhile uniques to add.
  • During the "Early-League-Time", all boss-drops uniques get promoted from T4 to (at least) T3 tier.
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  • Added 6 new styles (7 on filterblade). Some are new, some are old ones! More to come soon!
  • Retiered all sections!
  • Improved the tiering algorithm for currency and some other sections
  • Did some minor color adjustments
  • Finetuned the strictness, style generation
  • Customsounds now uses the highest volume by default (it will be louder now)
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  • Fixed new rare ID section potentially colliding with rare id contracts/maps.
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NeverSink's itemfilter - version 8.0.2 - further finetuning

  • Added a section for identified rares (until very strict). If an ultimatum item is not picked up by the fairly exclusive ID-mod section, this section will detect it. This behaviour can be changed on filterblade to show/hide/disable easily
  • Added a stronger highlight for breach rings, now that these are used for the 60:1 vendor recipe
  • Made the general crafting section more strict
  • Finetuned the tiering for all the new uniques and divination cards
  • Improved tiering of divination cards
  • Improved tiering of gems - the high quality/level, awakaned and alt-quality gem tiering is now more precise
  • Improved tiering of uniques - now that most uniques have lost their league/boss exclusivity
  • Softened up the tiering of influenced items a tiny bit
  • Improved the tiering of currency
  • Improved filterblade's file invalidation behaviour, this should reduce the number of anomalies caused by the user browser caching files
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NeverSink's itemfilter - version 8.0.1 - Finetuning and economy

  • Retiered all economy sections ( currency.generic, fragments.generic, gems, divination, uniques.maps, currency.fossil, uniques.generic, basetypes, currency.incubators, currency.prophecy, fragments.scarabs, currency.oil, currency.vials, currency.deliriumorb, exotic.invitations )
  • Maven quest invitations are now properly highlighted
  • Changed the highlight of recipe items
  • Reduced the map icon sizes of some items
  • Changed lower tier map highlight a bit
  • Fixed sacred flasks not being highlighted while leveling (instead colossal shown for too long)
  • Adjusted t3 divination card appearance a bit.
  • Removed currency sound from levelng currency ( <= 68 )
  • Slightly reduced the opacity for T3/T4 rares
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Fixed the endgame 4L soft (strictness) entry overriding 4L uniques

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NeverSink's itemfilter - version 8.0 - Full filter rework, Custom Programming, Ultimatum


The item filter is now generated using a small custom programming language (Exo) built by me. This makes the filter much more maintainable and enables a significantly more elegant structure.

As a result of this change, the filter has been completely rewritten from the ground up. Many sections still work exactly the same way as they did before, while others are completely rewritten and modernized.

Sadly, to get everything done for 3.14 (despite investing hundreds of hours), I had to cut corners. Namely: styles are currently not available (except CustomSounds) and will be remade in the future. The new structure allows for much better looking styles and there are also some new styles incoming.

The following consequences are the result of these changes. This list is not complete, but rather aims to provide a high level overview of the changes:

  • Rebalanced all strictnesses. The filter is now generally speaking more strict on all strictnesses. The highest strictnesses of the filter are significantly stricter.
  • Added all ultimatum items, the new relic key, new fragments/scarabs, new incubators, new divination cards and all the other ultimatum relevant material
  • Retiered all sections, with the early league state in mind.
  • Completely revamped the filterblade customizer. It should be a bit better looking, better structured and offer more customization
  • Completely rewritten the leveling section. It should now follow best practices for leveling standards, but still be simple and intuitive to use for new poe player. Editing it on filterblade is also easier now.
  • T1 (white background items) are a bit more exclusive now
  • The filter now uses several continue-type structures to highlight specific cases, such as corrupted items etc.
  • The filter endgame switch is now level 68 for all rules
  • The tiering of influenced bases has been improved
  • The tiering of divination cards have bene improved. Three weeks into the league, the filter will enter a "lateleague" mode, where ther efilter tiering will weigh certain divination down, similar to how there's an earlyleague mode, that weighs some items up. This is due to the fact that there's no reliable economy data on these cards and rounds all cards down/up to 1chaos (because there's a lot of fluctuation), making pure mathematical tiering non-functional.
  • Introduced veiled modifiers (mostly prefixes) into identified mod highlight strategies. Usually you need to find an identified item with X good mods for it to be highlighted. Now in many case it's also OK, to find one with X-1 good mods and a veiled mod.
  • Normalized the highlight strategies for "exotic" items (enchanted, veiled etc). These come in 4 tiers.
  • Reworked magic identified item highlight strats
  • Maven Invitations are now tiered and economy-updated
  • Reworked and modernized the synthesised and fractured tierlists
  • The endgame crafting section has been completely reworked and now cover both rare/normal items thanks to the new decorators.
  • Merged atlas bases completely into crafting/rare sections. Heist and ritual bases are still handled separately
  • Improved jewel highlight strategies.
  • Removed 6S highlight for certain bases of a high level section
  • Completely reworked flask highlight strategy. It is now much more level bound. Certain utility flasks will be shown in low maps and no longer shown in higher maps.
  • Removed a bunch of early map crafting rules for maps, such as jewellery etc. that are pretty much unused in poes modern gameplay
  • Completely reworked the rare highlight strategy. The green colors are now mostly reserved for jewellery.
  • Rare items now use decorators to signalize the item size, corruption state (and if it has implicit mods) and itemlevel (68+/75/84/86)
  • Reworked and strictened up Talisman highlighting
  • Retiered all rare items and merged atlas bases into them
  • Retiered all crafting bases and merged atlas bases into them
  • Retiered the synthesised basetypes
  • Retiered the fratured absetypes
  • Reworked bestiary item highlght strategy
  • Added a dedicated talisman identified mod section that can (hopefully) reliably detect strong talismans.
  • Strictened up highlight for random talismans
  • Added a new highlight for "artefacts". These are somewhat exotic items that drop in certain locations and are pretty much always picked up. Examples are heist trinkets and craftable watchstones.
  • Reworked gem highlight strategies. There's new highlights for certain gem levels/qualities, vaal gems and other properties.
  • Reworked map highlight. The filter no longer uses the map "outleveling" mechanic. The mechanic has become trivial due to the introduction of the latest map systems. Instead the filter now shows if you find maps that are over your current maptier. That means if you find a +1 map, it'll let you know!
  • Added a new highlight for blighted, enchanted, deliriumed etc. maps
  • Same as before, higher tier filters just outright hide lower tier maps. Uber+ hides any map below T14, Uber below T11.
  • Simplified and strictened up perandus coin highlight. There's a new perandus coin tier for huge stack sizes
  • Changed the heist rogue coin highlight to a perandus-like highlight color
  • The tiering strategy for currency, oils, uniques, propechies etc. is mostly the same. Just letting you know. This is not a buff.
  • Reworked and sharpened the leveling flask highlight strategy
  • Added "of Many" and summoner (convoking wand) combinations to identified mods
  • Added topotante/shield combinations as expensive legion mod highlight strategy
  • Probably a big big bunch of other things that I have simply forgot to mention
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Jan 24, 2021