Postgresql client for macOS/iOS. Clean design. Absolutely 100% Free and open-source.
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The SMART PostgreSQL client for macOS/iOS. Clean design. Absolutely 100% free and open-source for everyone.

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At this time I'm wirting. I'm working at Pixai project ( as full-stack developer.
Go-lang for backend. React-FB and redux for frontend. It's pretty struggle when I tried to find best postgresql client on macOS.

Postico is the best one I found, but it's missing multi-tab, multi-connection in free version.
pgAdmin III are the worst , GUI seem like from 80s, and non-retina support.

After tried and deleted various similar apps. Finally, I prefer PSequel, clean design, straight-forward GUI, but it's still buggy sometime, and don't support multi-tab.

So 🤔. I make decision to write my own PostgreSQL client - called as Titan. It's the best place to apply what I've learnt to real product.


It's whole new project, I intent to use edge-technologies. I could start with MVC and old-fashionate technologies, but it's too boring.

  • Cross-framework: Support iOS and macOS.
  • ReSwift: Unidirectional data flow architecture. State-management easier.
  • RxSwift: Reactive Programming in Swift.
  • MVVM: Isolate logic code with UI code with MVVM architecture.
  • Base foundation and networking abstraction layers.
  • Swifty-PostgreSQL: Swifty-PostgreSQL driver, written by Swift 3.0
  • Swift 3.0
  • for elegant storage persistence
  • ...


// navigate to prefer folder
git clone

// navigate to Titan
git clone

// navigate to Titan/TitanCore
carthage update

Titan Refactor

I created seperate repo for big refactor Titan's structure and logic.
You can check the progress at Titan


  • Sketch
  • Base Foundation (50%)
  • Smart Query
  • Basic Query Recommendation System
  • Export Ruby Migration
  • Multi-tabs, Multi-databases
  • Cloud
  • Support Object-oriented Programming
  • Write Test
  • Rename script

Swifty PostgreSQL Driver

Beside Titan, I also develop PostgreSQL Dirver, integrate flawlessly with Titan. Resueable, testable as well.



  1. Redux:
  2. Clean Swift:
  3. Efficient pagination on PostgreSQL:


Vinh Nghia Tran


It would be greatly appreciated when you make a pull-quest 🤗


Titan is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


Althought TITAN publish under MIT license. But I won't ever encourage if someone use it for commercial purpose, or copy it for final test in University 😎