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ScreenToGif 2.41

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@NickeManarin NickeManarin released this 24 Mar 21:28

What's new?

β€’ Added option to highlight extra mouse buttons clicks.
β€’ You can now prevent download of updates in metered network connections (@GopherTheCoder).
β€’ Updated KGySoft libraries, with performance improvements and a new option to execute color operations in linear space (@koszeggy).


♦ Fixed issue with Alt + Left/Right not triggering the delete before/after command.
♦ Fixed issue with FFmpeg encoding sometimes surpassing the 100% mark (@pawlos).

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Known issues

PS: The development of successor to ScreenToGif 2 is going strong.
It's around 75% complete (of its initial set of features), so I expect to be able to launch this year if everything goes right.
I can't wait to show all the new things alongside its new home page!