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An idle game with wood and stone

Clempire lets you gather resources by clicking, build up your small empire (clicking & empire 😓), improve your resource collecting and make progress through upgrades and achievements.

This game was created during one week as the front end project for an Ironhack course in full stack JS. It is live at If anyone has an idea for a better name please tell me about it :P The same goes for funny upgrades/new buildings or anything else.


npm install
npm run build

The second command will create a clempire.bundle.js file wich is included in index.html.

For continuos development let webpack watch the js files:

npm run watch


Rock image created by macrovector - see here.

Huge thanks to Kenney for creating and CC0-ing most of the used images for the background and the upgrades.

Some Icons made by Smashicons from Licensed under CC 3.0 BY

Background music (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0):