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Complain if /homeless-shelter exists

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1 parent 2398417 commit 258897c265a6d6575f1669a896ab6f5ab92337c3 @edolstra edolstra committed Apr 4, 2013
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6 src/libstore/
@@ -1697,7 +1697,8 @@ void DerivationGoal::startBuilder()
if HOME is not set, but they will just assume that the settings file
they are looking for does not exist if HOME is set but points to some
non-existing path. */
- env["HOME"] = "/homeless-shelter";
+ Path homeDir = "/homeless-shelter";
+ env["HOME"] = homeDir;
/* Tell the builder where the Nix store is. Usually they
shouldn't care, but this is useful for purity checking (e.g.,
@@ -1946,6 +1947,9 @@ void DerivationGoal::startBuilder()
else {
+ if (pathExists(homeDir))
+ throw Error(format("directory `%1%' exists; please remove it") % homeDir);
/* We're not doing a chroot build, but we have some valid
output paths. Since we can't just overwrite or delete
them, we have to do hash rewriting: i.e. in the

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