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"hats" "what rules?" "free game" "no bitching" "glance value" - Delay the inevitable!
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No-Bling DOTA "GlanceValue" restoration mod

We all know where we are headed looking at the Immortals spam in the last two years...



A competent companion to Settings -- Video -- Effects Quality with the main focus on GlanceValue.
No-Blingtm mod is economy-friendly, gracefully disabling particle spam while leaving hats model untouched.
Might say it even helps differentiate great artistic work, shadowed by the particle effects galore Valve slaps on top.

Before you ask about VAC:

Don't worry, this is a perfectly safe, well intended, hats friendly, good behaviour cosmetic-only mod,
optimally swapping just original Valve authored files with no 3^rd party content alteration whatsoever,
and whitelist-able at a glance...

What's new in v2019.05.08: BATTLEPASS

~ adjusted manual filters and refreshed pre-made builds

What's new in v2019.03.30: (\_/)

~ completed Poor Man's Shield against the Bling!
~ BAT: making use of in-house VPKMOD tool for very fast in-memory processing with minimal file i/o
~ BAT: auto-update script from github on launch
~ BAT: language independent mod launch option -tempcontent with dota_tempcontent mod root folder
~ JS: revised categories and extended loadout particles support E a s t e r E g g
~ JS: decoupled manual filters into No-Bling-filters.txt
~ JS: output unified src.lst for in-memory modding via VPKMOD tool

No-Bling DOTA mod builder.bat available!

  1. Download latest No-Bling DOTA mod, unpack all files, run the included batch script, select build choices
    Builder script features auto-updating from github on launch so no further manual downloads and unpacking is needed!
  2. Profit! It will create a custom build in the proper location, and add the now simplified launch options automatically!
    Tested on Windows 7 & 10 (x86 & x64). Does not need Workshop Tools DLC installed.

No-Bling DOTA mod builder choices:

Category GlanceValue Description Pre-made as:
Base ++ - Base buildings - ancients, barracks, towers, effigies, shrines CORE BUILD
Weather ++ - Terrain - bundled weather, lights, props
Seasonal +++ - Event Rewards: Frostivus; the International custom tp, blink etc.
Menu + - Menu - ui, hero loadout and preview, treasure opening, potato tweaks
. . . . . . . .
Abilities +++++ - Custom Spells: penguin Frostbite and stuff like that.. MAIN BUILD
Hats ++++ - Workshop Hats: cosmetic particles spam - slowly turning into TF2..
Couriers +++ - Custom Couriers: these are fine.. until Fy someone abuses gems on hats
Wards ++ - Custom Wards: only a few make the ward and the sentry item similar
. . . . . . . .
HEROES +/- - Default Hats: hero-bundled effects - helps potato pc FULL BUILD
MagusCypher ++++ - Stolen spells via Rubick Arcana
PMS +++++++ - (\_/) gabening intensifies..
. . . . . . . .
@update auto-update script from github - can be skipped
@verbose print file names and export detailed per-hero item lists
@endtask auto-install closes Dota and Steam - needed once to add launch options
@refresh refresh lastupdated and clear mod directories - usually not needed

choices are remembered between runs.

DOTA Updates

  • Simply run the builder script again, it will detect any updates and force a refresh - it only takes a minute or two
  • New patch detection is generally reliable. If having any issues, select @refresh choice to force local cache update

Troubleshooting builder batch script issues

~ Right-click and run the script as administrator to overcome Program Files\Steam permission issues.
~ Script generally works on a default Windows 7 install without needing extra .net framework libraries.
~ Try to recompile the vpkmod.exe utility via tools\build - .bat / .sln provided for .net 3.5+ / VS2008+.

What about Linux or Mac / issues with the builder batch script?

Use the pre-made releases in the BUILDS folder via manual install

How to manually install No-Bling DOTA mod builds in 2019:

~ CREATE FOLDER \steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota_tempcontent
~ COPY pak01_dir.vpk IN \steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota_tempcontent
~ ADD LAUNCH OPTION: -tempcontent

How to quickly restore default particle spam DOTA?

Simply remove / rename the -tempcontent launch option and restart the game!


It is recommended to set Effects Quality option to Low for Potato PC's as it decreases the nr of particles for certain spells

Manual filters have been decoupled from the .js script into No-Bling-filters.txt
To auto-update script without overwriting changes, make a No-Bling-filters-personal.txt copy and edit that instead!
These suppliment items_game.txt auto-replacing rules with per category file replacement vdf modifier-asset pairs:

Modifier Asset or wildcard Description
"path/file1" "path/file2" replace "file1" modifier with "file2" asset from dota/pak01_dir.vpk
"path/file" "+" replace "file" with empty-asset (short for "particles/dev/empty_particle.vpcf")
"path/file" "++" replace all modifiers having asset "file" with empty-asset (reverse lookup)
"path/file" "-" keep "file" (i.e. remove "file" from auto-generated lists)
"path/file" "--" keep all modifiers having asset "file" (reverse-lookup)
"meepo" "@" keep all modifiers having hero "hero"
"8958" "#" keep all modifiers having item id "number"
"arcana" "$" keep all modifiers having rarity "rarity"

How can I manually allow certain effects, like a Halo on Omni's Crown of Sacred Light? question from /u/malistev:
Run the script once with the @verbose choice, as it will generate a log folder with all/most items by category.
File explorer to \log\Wearables\omniknight - it should contain Crown_of_Sacred_Light_8958_head.txt
Number represents the id, that you can add in No-Bling-filters.txt file after the "Hats" and { lines:
"8958" "#"
Most immortals have multiple effects (not the case here). To keep specific ones you can read the log file above
and look for "modifier" "particles/ ... .vpcf" entries, then add them as specific filters:
"particles/econ/items/omniknight/omni_sacred_light_head/omni_ambient_sacred_light.vpcf" "-"
Not all specific effects are mentioned in items_game.txt so you might need to identify the involved particles in-game,
by demo-ing the item, opening console, and list particles with:
clear;cl_particle_log_creates 1;dumpparticlelist | grep [^0\s][\d]*,[\s]flags;
Also check log\no_bling.txt as it shows some of the logic in categorizing, as well as src\src.lst and .ini files.

The future

Small steps towards multi-platform support, but don't ask for ETA..

Published under MIT license.

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