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No-Bling DOTA "GlanceValue" restoration mod

We have not reached TF2 levels of visual diarrhea in 2020 but we're getting awfully close...



A competent companion to Settings -- Video -- Effects Quality with the main focus on GlanceValue.
No-Blingtm mod is economy-friendly, gracefully disabling particle spam while leaving hats model untouched by default.
Might say it even helps differentiate great artistic work, shadowed by the particle effects galore Valve slaps on top.

Before you ask about VAC:

Don't worry, this is a perfectly safe, well intended, hats friendly, good behaviour cosmetic-only mod,
optimally swapping just original Valve authored files with no 3^rd party content alteration whatsoever,
and whitelist-able at a glance...

How to use

Get the repository as zip, extract all files
Execute No-Bling-builder.bat script on Windows or on Linux
Then add launch option -tempcontent if not already present.
Run the script before launching DOTA to have an always up to date mod and prevent schema mismatch errors.
A desktop shortcut is created to run the builder quicker, without compiling and with previous choices.

Back in Beta

Choices are a work in progress - not as feature-rich and complete as the old script, but we will get there..
Filters on the other hand are more complex and useful.

Getting started with user filters

Script uses a rather block first, white-list later aproach, so various issues need to be corrected via hard-coded filters.
Most filters use item numbers (ids) but also generic hero and slot names.
~ See generated items_reference.txt with only the relevant items included and portraits section removed.
~ Search for a partial item name; note item "number", note used_by_heroes, note item_slot (if missing, assume "weapon").
~ Use details learned above to create your user filters exceptions in a No-Bling-filters.txt file:

  keep_item "12930,13456"  // keep item id 12930 : Eminence of Ristul and 13456 : Crown of the One True King

A more advanced No-Bling-filters.txt file example with resource replacement:

  keep_soundboard "TI10_Ceeeb,Brutal"      // see scripts/chat_wheel.txt
  keep_rarity     "legendary,ancient"
  keep_slot       "head,voice"
  keep_hero       "npc_dota_hero_crystal_maiden,npc_dota_rattletrap_cog"
  keep_item       "12930,13456,12,38"
  keep_model      "4004,6054"
  keep_visuals    "4004"
  keep_ability    "7978"
  keep_ambient    "6694"

  // replace id1 with id2 content or { defined manually }
  38 7385
  12 {
    "model_player"    "models/items/kunkka/kunkka_shadow_blade/kunkka_shadow_blade.vmdl"
        "type"    "particle"
        "asset"   "particles/units/heroes/hero_kunkka/kunkka_weapon_glow_ambient.vpcf"
        "modifier"    "particles/econ/items/kunkka/kunkka_weapon_shadow/kunkka_weapon_glow_shadow_ambient.vpcf"
        "type"    "particle_create"
        "modifier"    "particles/units/heroes/hero_kunkka/kunkka_weapon_glow_ambient.vpcf"

  // Can also make use of the internal filters format:
  replace_item {
    246 { visuals{} }
    247 246
  replace_visuals {
    6972 5712                              // explicit id1 "visuals" = id2 "visuals"
    npc_dota_hero_furion { weapon 4159 }   // generic hero - slot "visuals"  = id2 "visuals"
  keep_asset {
    npc_dota_hero_warlock ability_ultimate // generic keep hero - slot having "type" "particle"
  keep_modifier {
    npc_dota_hero_skywrath_mage weapon     // generic keep hero - slot having "type" "particle_create"
    particles/units/heroes/hero_juggernaut/juggernaut_blade_generic.vpcf -


Expand choices; populate internal filters; fix visual issues; seek feedback; thank you for your patience!

Published under MIT license.


"hats" "what rules?" "free game" "no bitching" "glance value" - Delay the inevitable!








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