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You are required to write a C++ application which can process audio sounds clips. Using your application, it should be possible to perform simple editing operations on sound clips – such as cut and paste – as well as transforming the sound clips. Examples of the latter include fade in/out and normalisation. The sound clips will be 1-channel (mono) or 2-channel (stereo) and will be provided as simple raw byte data which you need to interpret correctly. Programmatically, a raw sound file/clip is a sequence of samples (usually, 8, 16 or 24-bits) of an audio signal that can be sent to a speaker to produce sound. The sound clip also has an associated sample rate – for example, 44.1 kHz (ie. 44100 samples per second). The higher the sample rate, the better, usually, the quality of the sound produced. The number of bits per sample also has a profound effect on audio quality: generally, 8-bits per sample produces really poor sound. Of course, high sampling rates result in very large sound files, which is why compression (such as MP3) is usually used – we will not expect you to manipulate compressed formats. Simple raw (byte stream) audio will be used throughout.

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