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PSR-7 implementation

Latest Version Build Status Code Coverage Quality Score Total Downloads Monthly Downloads Software License

A super lightweight PSR-7 implementation. Very strict and very fast.

Description Guzzle Laminas Slim Nyholm
Lines of code 3.300 3.100 1.900 1.000
PSR-7* 66% 100% 75% 100%
PSR-17 No Yes Yes Yes
HTTPlug No No No Yes
Performance (runs per second)** 14.553 14.703 13.416 17.734

* Percent of completed tests in

** Benchmark with 50.000 runs. See (higher is better)


composer require nyholm/psr7

If you are using Symfony Flex then you get all message factories registered as services.


The PSR-7 objects do not contain any other public methods than those defined in the PSR-7 specification.

Create objects

Use the PSR-17 factory to create requests, streams, URIs etc.

$psr17Factory = new \Nyholm\Psr7\Factory\Psr17Factory();
$request = $psr17Factory->createRequest('GET', '');
$stream = $psr17Factory->createStream('foobar');

Sending a request

With HTTPlug or any other PSR-18 (HTTP client) you may send requests like:

composer require kriswallsmith/buzz
$psr17Factory = new \Nyholm\Psr7\Factory\Psr17Factory();
$psr18Client = new \Buzz\Client\Curl($psr17Factory);

$request = $psr17Factory->createRequest('GET', '');
$response = $psr18Client->sendRequest($request);

Create server requests

The nyholm/psr7-server package can be used to create server requests from PHP superglobals.

composer require nyholm/psr7-server
$psr17Factory = new \Nyholm\Psr7\Factory\Psr17Factory();

$creator = new \Nyholm\Psr7Server\ServerRequestCreator(
    $psr17Factory, // ServerRequestFactory
    $psr17Factory, // UriFactory
    $psr17Factory, // UploadedFileFactory
    $psr17Factory  // StreamFactory

$serverRequest = $creator->fromGlobals();

Emitting a response

composer require laminas/laminas-httphandlerrunner
$psr17Factory = new \Nyholm\Psr7\Factory\Psr17Factory();

$responseBody = $psr17Factory->createStream('Hello world');
$response = $psr17Factory->createResponse(200)->withBody($responseBody);
(new \Laminas\HttpHandlerRunner\Emitter\SapiEmitter())->emit($response);

Our goal

This package is currently maintained by Tobias Nyholm and Martijn van der Ven. They have decided that the goal of this library should be to provide a super strict implementation of PSR-7 that is blazing fast.

The package will never include any extra features nor helper methods. All our classes and functions exist because they are required to fulfill the PSR-7 specification.