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An open-source community run platform for designers to experiment with parametric furniture design.

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What is it?

O-LAP is part exploration into a new way in thinking and working with design.
Designers create parametric furniture designs as plugins into the framework.
Registered designs gets displayed in the gallery.
Users can view the designs from the gallery and customize it based on the customization enabled by the designer.
Framework lets users extract CAD drawings which can be used to fabricate the design using a CNC machine.
Community moderates the design collection.
O-LAP is the name for the concept, the framework and the community around it.

Useful Links

How does it work?


It's an open-source web based framework built on Javascript, Git and the Web.
The main git repo publishes a framework, standards and starter project.
Designers create their designs like plugins into the framework using the starter project.
Each design is maintained by their owners as a public Git repository with full ownership.
To link it to the main O-LAP web app, they make a pull request to inform the community about their design.
Community moderators make sure the design conform to the standards.
When a user opens a design, the design code is directly fetched from the owners repository and is processed on user's browser.
It's all a network of git repositories and javascript on the client-side.
Community enforced guidelines ensure designs are functional, presentable and manufacturable using an open fabrication process.


The users can extract fabrication drawings from the design which can be used for digital fabrication.
The community maintains standards so anyone can make our designs.



If you think this is cool tell more people about it.
Tweets and Github stars are always welcome.

Join the Network

As we improve the software we are building a network of interested designers and makers.
If you like the idea and would like to be a part of the maker network, join our community.

Make a Design

Learn how you can make your first design.
To get started you can clone the starter project.
We highly encourage you to read the guidelines before submitting a design.


We are an open-source community and need community curation to make everything work.
Fork and open a pull request to extend features/fix bugs.
We update tasks that need immediate attention at the following link.
Open Tasks Join the slack channel.

Issue, idea or feedback?

This is an early alpha stage, and it's great to hear early feedback.
Visit and submit your great idea/annoying bug/awesome feedback!


Released for free under the MIT license, which means you can use it for almost any purpose (including commercial projects). We appreciate credit where possible, but it is not a requirement.


Current Stage

This is day one on the block and in no way is it ready.
But it's an intitative to put the idea out.