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PizzaBrandon commented Jan 2, 2019

A short (3 point) closed linestring (rare, but does happen) throws an exception in clean-coords due to the code assuming it's a polygon.

Problem occurs due to assuming the first and last points matching means it's a polygon.

This can also happen with a linestring that is cleaned to < 4 points. Discovered thi

mourner commented Sep 3, 2018

@redblobgames I'm wondering whether we could drop the script { display: block; } hack — while it's definitely cool, it has some drawbacks:

  • We can't add code highlighting to the code (e.g. with, which would help docs readability a lot.
  • We have to split the code into two files entangled together, which makes refactoring inconvenient.
  • It's impossible to lint it
tinko92 commented Apr 12, 2019

I noticed (with the release of 1.70) that two extra entries showed up in the online Boost HTML documentation, titled "Geometry Extensions" and "Geometry Index" that share the description with the "Geometry" entry, however, the links lead to 404 errors:

New entries:


1ec5 commented Mar 8, 2019

IndexedCoordinate.distance is documented to be the distance from the start of the line string to the found coordinate:

However, LineString.closestCoordinate(to:) sets it to the distance from the input coordinate to the found coordinate:

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