Open source upgrade path for Odoo/OpenERP
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pedrobaeza Merge pull request #1544 from Tecnativa/11.0-mig-partner_affiliate
[MIG[ partner_affiliate: res_partner_affiliate is renamed to partner_affiliate
Latest commit 6df45c8 Oct 15, 2018
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.github [IMP] .github: avoid to titleize the PR content Apr 4, 2018
.tx [I18N] export 11.0 source terms Jul 27, 2018
addons Merge pull request #1540 from Eficent/11.0-imp-calendar Oct 11, 2018
debian [MERGE] forward port branch saas-15 up to 152d420 Jun 21, 2018
doc [CLA] international business hub signs Odoo's CCLA Aug 1, 2018
odoo [MIG[ partner_affiliate: res_partner_affiliate is merged into partner… Oct 15, 2018
scripts [FIX] to be able to detect if was successful Jun 13, 2018
setup [FIX] packaging: avoid traceback on virtual machine timeout May 4, 2018
.coveragerc [IMP] account Mar 28, 2018
.gitignore [ADD] Coverage config Mar 28, 2018
.mailmap [CLA] update mailmap Sep 8, 2015
.travis.yml [UPD] Adapt postgresql version to fix errors about unrecognized param… Jul 6, 2018 [FIX] v11 urls Dec 12, 2017
COPYRIGHT [LEGAL] Use global LICENSE/COPYRIGHT files, remove boilerplate text Jun 2, 2015
LICENSE [LEGAL] Switch to LGPLv3 License Sep 8, 2015 [MERGE] forward port branch saas-15 up to 9cfd4a5 Feb 22, 2018
Makefile [IMP] *: one Makefile to rules them all. Nov 5, 2014 Update upstream up to 96fcd4b Dec 13, 2017
odoo-bin [FIX] namespace packages: move from pkg_resources-style to pkg_util Sep 18, 2017
requirements.txt Merge commit 'ec7109c9' into add/11.0/merge_upstream_ec7109c9 Aug 2, 2018
setup.cfg [FIX] packages: add the stdum module for the RPM Oct 13, 2017 Merge commit '6edf49e' into 11.0-6edf49e Jun 22, 2018

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This OCA project aims to provide an Open Source upgrade path for Odoo. It is hosted at GitHub. For documentation, see here.