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Migration Launchpad → GitHub

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Migration Launchpad → GitHub


Migration steps

How to migrate one project:

Prerequisite: Install

  1. Check in the Mapping file if all the branches to migrate have been declared (series 6.0 and 5.0 may be missing). Correct the mapping file if necessary and commit the change. master will be the 8.0 branch.

  2. If the GitHub branches are not up-to-date compared to Launchpad, run the oca-copy-branches command to copy the branches from Launchpad to GitHub (

     $ mkdir -p branches
     $ python branches --projects OCA/connector --push
  3. On the Launchpad project, set the branches of the series to 'abandoned' and create mirror branches from GitHub with the Import a branch feature. Then link the series to the mirror branches. (see Help on the Launchpad mirroring)

  4. On the Launchpad project, change the description which should now redirect to the GitHub project.

  5. Comment out the project in the Mapping file and commit the change.

  6. Add .gitignore,, .travis.yml and .coveragerc configuration files on the projects.

    Follow these examples:

    Follow this example for

  7. Set all the modules of the 8.0 branches to "installable": False:

     grep installable */ -l | xargs sed  "s/[\"|']installable[\"|']: True/'installable': False/" -i

    Mind that some modules might not have the installable attribute defined. In those cases you need to edit the file to add it. This command can help you detecting those cases:

     egrep -w 'name|installable' */

    It's recommended to rename or move the the modules to more easily identify the unported ones and avoid them to be considered by automated tests. This script moves all modules into a __unported__ directory:

     mkdir __unported__
     find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d -path './[a-z]*' -execdir git mv {} __unported__ \;
  8. Post messages on the pending merge proposals informing the authors that now the project is hosted on GitHub and they have to move their MP (but do not "reject" the MP which makes them difficult to track for the authors). Example:

    This project is now hosted on Please move your proposal there. This guide may help you


Help on the Launchpad mirroring

  1. Go to the Code tab of the Launchpad project.
  2. On the right, click on Import a branch
  3. Check that the Owner is the team of the project
  4. In Branch Name, put github-7.0 where 7.0 is the serie
  5. Select Git and set the URL, example: git://,branch=7.0
  6. Request Import
  7. Edit the 7.0 serie and change its branch to the new github-7.0 branch
  8. Repeat that for the other series of the project

Notes on the URL:

When importing a Git branch, Launchpad asks for the branch URL. It should be in this form: git:// This URL will import the HEAD of master. The other branches are imported using the ,branch=BRANCH_NAME suffix, example: git://,branch=7.0. The git protocol works better than https.

Example: the branches and

Experiments with git-remote-bzr


$ git clone "bzr::lp:sale-wkfl/7.0" sale-wkfl
Cloning into 'sale-wkfl'...
$ cd sale-wkfl 
$ git remote add 6.1 "bzr::lp:sale-wkfl/6.1"                                       
$ git fetch 6.1
From bzr::lp:sale-wkfl/6.1
 * [new branch]      master     -> 6.1/master
$ git branch -va
* master                94754ca Launchpad automatic translations update.
  remotes/6.1/master    63384dc [MRG] Add mail_quotation
  remotes/origin/HEAD   -> origin/master
  remotes/origin/master 94754ca Launchpad automatic translations update.
$ git remote add github GITHUB URL
$ git push github --all
$ git push github --tags
$ git push github refs/remotes/6.1/master:refs/heads/6.1
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